Tuesday, July 23, 2013

1307.5819 (Man Gu et al.)

Dimensional-Crossover-Driven Mott Insulators in SrVO3 Ultrathin Films    [PDF]

Man Gu, Stuart A. Wolf, Jiwei Lu
High-quality epitaxial SrVO3 (SVO) thin films of various thicknesses were grown on (001)-oriented LSAT substrates by pulsed electron-beam deposition technique. Thick SVO films (~25 nm) exhibited metallic behavior with the electrical resistivity following the T2 law corresponding to a Fermi liquid system. We observed a temperature driven metal-insulator transition (MIT) in SVO ultrathin films with thicknesses below 6.5 nm, the transition temperature TMIT was found to be at 50 K for the 6.5 nm film, 120 K for the 5.7 nm film and 205 K for the 3 nm film. The emergence of the observed MIT can be attributed to the dimensional crossover from a three-dimensional metal to a two-dimensional Mott insulator, as the resulting reduction in the effective bandwidth W opens a band gap at the Fermi level. The magneto-transport study of the SVO ultrathin films also confirmed the observed MIT is due to the electron-electron interactions other than localization.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1307.5819

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