Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1111.3914 (D. L. Kovrizhin et al.)

Relaxation in driven integer quantum Hall edge states    [PDF]

D. L. Kovrizhin, J. T. Chalker

1209.2157 (E. Novais et al.)

Surface Code Threshold in the Presence of Correlated Errors    [PDF]

E. Novais, Eduardo R. Mucciolo

1209.2213 (Jan M. Tomczak et al.)

Many-body effects in iron pnictides and chalcogenides -- non-local vs
dynamic origin of effective masses

Jan M. Tomczak, M. van Schilfgaarde, G. Kotliar

1209.2235 (Gil Young Cho et al.)

Superconductivity of doped Weyl semimetals: finite-momentum pairing and
electronic analogues of the 3He-A phase

Gil Young Cho, Jens H. Bardarson, Yuan-Ming Lu, Joel E. Moore

1209.2241 (Yehonadav Bekenstein et al.)

Periodic negative differential conductance in a single metallic

Yehonadav Bekenstein, Kathy Vinokurov, Tal J. Levy, Eran Rabani, Uri Banin, Oded Millo

1209.2247 (Kuk-Chol Ri et al.)

Electronic Transport through QD in the whole temperature range including
both the high- and the low-T limits with the equation-of-motion technique

Kuk-Chol Ri, Chol-Won Ri, Gum-Hyok Jong

1209.2255 (Stefan Rist et al.)

Photoemission spectra of massless Dirac fermions on the verge of exciton

Stefan Rist, A. A. Varlamov, A. H. MacDonald, Rosario Fazio, Marco Polini

1209.2265 (A. Kalz et al.)

Location of the Potts-critical end point in the frustrated Ising model
on the square lattice

A. Kalz, A. Honecker

1209.2307 (Solomon A. Owerre)

Effects of magnetic field on macroscopic quantum tunneling    [PDF]

Solomon A. Owerre

1209.2387 (Wei Li et al.)

Efficient simulation of infinite tree tensor network states on the Bethe

Wei Li, Jan von Delft, Tao Xiang

1209.2395 (N. Deng et al.)

Contrasting Energy Scales of the Reentrant Integer Quantum Hall States    [PDF]

N. Deng, J. D. Watson, L. P. Rokhinson, M. J. Manfra, G. A. Csáthy