Sunday, May 19, 2013

1305.2727 (Marcin Abram et al.)

d-wave superconductivity and its coexistence with antiferromagnetism in
t-J-U model revisited: Statistically consistent Gutzwiller approach

Marcin Abram, Jan Kaczmarczyk, Jakub J\kedrak, Józef Spałek

1305.3172 (T H Cheffings et al.)

Magnetic field induced ordering in SrDy2O4    [PDF]

T H Cheffings, M R Lees, G Balakrishnan, O A Petrenko

1305.3210 (E. J. Calegari et al.)

Specific heat of a non-local attractive Hubbard model    [PDF]

E. J. Calegari, C. O. Lobo, S. G. Magalhaes, C. M. Chaves, A. Troper

1305.3263 (P. Roura-Bas et al.)

Nonequilibrium transport through magnetic vibrating molecules    [PDF]

P. Roura-Bas, L. Tosi, A. A. Aligia

1305.3301 (S. Bulut et al.)

Spatially Modulated Electronic Nematicity in the Three-Band Model of
Cuprate Superconductors

S. Bulut, W. A. Atkinson, A. P. Kampf

1305.3323 (Xiaoqing Zhou et al.)

Microwave spectroscopy of vortex dynamics in ortho-II YBa2Cu3O6.52    [PDF]

Xiaoqing Zhou, C. J. S. Truncik, W. A. Huttema, N. C. Murphy, P. J. Turner, A. J. Koenig, Ruixing Liang, D. A. Bonn, W. N. Hardy, D. M. Broun

1305.3551 (M. Hanl et al.)

Iron impurities in gold and silver (II): Comparison of transport
measurements to numerical renormalization group calculations exploiting
non-Abelian symmetries

M. Hanl, A. Weichselbaum, T. A. Costi, F. Mallet, L. Saminadayar, C. Bäuerle, J. von Delft

1305.3558 (Q. D. Gibson et al.)

Termination dependent topological surface states of the natural
superlattice phase Bi$_4$Se$_3$

Q. D. Gibson, L. M. Schoop, A. P. Weber, Huiwen Ji, S. Nadj-Perge, I. K. Drozdov, H. Beidenkopf, J. T. Sadowski, A. Fedorov, A. Yazdani, T. Valla, R. J. Cava

1305.3571 (Da Wang et al.)

Competing orders in the 2D half-filled SU(2N) Hubbard model through the
pinning field quantum Monte-Carlo simulations

Da Wang, Yi Li, Zi Cai, Congjun Wu

1305.3574 (Vijay Balasubramanian et al.)

A strongly coupled zig-zag transition    [PDF]

Vijay Balasubramanian, Micha Berkooz, Simon F. Ross, Joan Simon

1305.3632 (P. Foury-Leylekian et al.)

Low temperature structural effects in the (TMTSF)$_2$PF$_6$ and AsF$_6$
Bechgaard salts

P. Foury-Leylekian, S. Petit, I. Mirebeau, G. Andre, M. de Souza, M. Lang, E. Ressouche, A. Moradpour, J. -P. Pouget

1305.3717 (P. O. Bugnion et al.)

Inhomogeneous state of few-fermion superfluids    [PDF]

P. O. Bugnion, J. A. Lofthouse, G. J. Conduit

1305.3736 (A. Yu. Kuntsevich et al.)

Electron-electron interaction correction and magnetoresistance in tilted
fields in Si-based 2D systems

A. Yu. Kuntsevich, L. A. Morgun, V. M. Pudalov

1305.3765 (M. C. Bañuls et al.)

The mass spectrum of the Schwinger model with Matrix Product States    [PDF]

M. C. Bañuls, K. Cichy, K. Jansen, J. I. Cirac

1305.3791 (Y. X. Zhao et al.)

Searching for New Topological Types of Majorana Fermions from
Boundary-bulk Correspondence of Topological Insulators/Superconductors

Y. X. Zhao, Z. D. Wang

1305.3852 (G. Fabbris et al.)

Different routes to volume collapse transitions in Gd and Tb at high

G. Fabbris, T. Matsuoka, J. Lim, J. R. L. Mardegan, K. Shimizu, D. Haskel, J. S. Schilling

1305.3877 (David Pérez-García et al.)

The Heisenberg XX spin chain and low-energy QCD    [PDF]

David Pérez-García, Miguel Tierz

1305.3908 (Sung-Sik Lee)

Quantum Renormalization Group and Holography    [PDF]

Sung-Sik Lee