Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1006.3620 (Serge Florens et al.)

Influence of spin fluctuations near the Mott transition: a DMFT study    [PDF]

Serge Florens, Priyanka Mohan, C. Janani, T. Gupta, R. Narayanan

1307.3571 (C. A. Dartora et al.)

The electron-phonon interaction from fundamental local gauge symmetries
in solids

C. A. Dartora, G. G. Cabrera

1307.3576 (S. Lee et al.)

Artificially engineered superlattices of pnictide superconductor    [PDF]

S. Lee, C. Tarantini, P. Gao, J. Jiang, J. D. Weiss, F. Kametani, C. M. Folkman, Y. Zhang, X. Q. Pan, E. E. Hellstrom, D. C. Larbalestier, C. B. Eom

1307.3594 (C. H. Wong et al.)

Quasiparticle Berry curvature and Chern numbers in spin-orbit coupled
bosonic Mott insulators

C. H. Wong, R. A. Duine

1307.3697 (Tanmoy Das)

Weyl semimetals and superconductors designed in an orbital selective

Tanmoy Das

1307.3703 (Ryo Tamura et al.)

Phase Transitions with Discrete Symmetry Breaking in Antiferromagnetic
Heisenberg Models on a Triangular Lattice

Ryo Tamura, Shu Tanaka, Naoki Kawashima

1307.3710 (Satoshi Nishimoto et al.)

Controlling frustrated liquids and solids with an applied field in a
kagome Heisenberg antiferromagnet

Satoshi Nishimoto, Naokazu Shibata, Chisa Hotta

1307.3713 (Chisa Hotta et al.)

"Grand Canonical" Finite Size Numerical Approaches : a Route to
Measuring Bulk Properties under Applied Field

Chisa Hotta, Naokazu Shibata

1307.3787 (Brian B. Zhou et al.)

Visualizing Nodal Heavy Fermion Superconductivity in CeCoIn5    [PDF]

Brian B. Zhou, Shashank Misra, Eduardo H. da Silva Neto, Pegor Aynajian, Ryan E. Baumbach, J. D. Thompson, Eric D. Bauer, Ali Yazdani

1307.3875 (E. San-Fabián et al.)

Coulomb interaction and charge neutrality: Pariser, Parr and Pople
Hamiltonian versus the Extended Hubbard Hamiltonian

E. San-Fabián, J. A. Vergés, G. Chiappe, E. Louis

1307.3878 (M. B. Kenmoe et al.)

Landau-Zener transitions between two and three decaying levels    [PDF]

M. B. Kenmoe, S. C. Kenfack, A. J. Fotue, A. B. Tchapda, M. Tchoffo, L. C. Fai, J. E. Danga, M. E. Ateuafack, M. P. Djemmo

1307.3883 (Ekkehard Krüger et al.)

Structural distortion in antiferromagnetic BaFe2As2 as a result of
time-inversion symmetry

Ekkehard Krüger, Horst P. Strunk

1307.3966 (F. Guillou et al.)

Cobalt spin state above the valence and spin-state transition in

F. Guillou, Y. Bréard, V. Hardy

1307.4022 (Tian Liang et al.)

Evidence for massive bulk Dirac Fermions in Pb$_{1-x}$Sn$_x$Se from
Nernst and thermopower experiments

Tian Liang, Quinn Gibson, Jun Xiong, Max Hirschberger, Sunanda P. Koduvayur, R. J. Cava, N. P. Ong

1307.4071 (B. Lake et al.)

Multispinon continua at zero and finite temperature in a near-ideal
Heisenberg chain

B. Lake, D. A. Tennant, J. -S. Caux, T. Barthel, U. Schollwöck, S. E. Nagler, C. D. Frost