Friday, February 8, 2013

0908.3188 (Marcos Rigol)

Quantum quenches and thermalization in one-dimensional fermionic systems    [PDF]

Marcos Rigol

1302.1608 (S. Patil et al.)

Inconsistency of the photoemission spectrum with the spectral function
in Kondo systems

S. Patil, A. Generalov, A. Omar

1302.1660 (V. U. Nazarov et al.)

Non-adiabatic time-dependent density functional theory of the impurity
resistivity of metals

V. U. Nazarov, G. Vignale, Y. -C. Chang

1302.1696 (F. Hardy et al.)

Evidence of Strong Correlations and Coherence-Incoherence Crossover in
the Iron Pnictide Superconductor KFe2As2

F. Hardy, A. E. Boehmer, D. Aoki, P. Burger, T. Wolf, P. Schweiss, R. Heid, P. Adelmann, Y. X. Yao, G. Kotliar, J. Schmalian, C. Meingast

1302.1791 (Andreas Eberlein et al.)

Effective interactions and fluctuation effects in spin-singlet

Andreas Eberlein, Walter Metzner

1302.1806 (V. R. Shaginyan et al.)

Common quantum phase transition in quasicrystals and heavy-fermion

V. R. Shaginyan, A. Z. Msezane, K. G. Popov, G. S. Japaridze, V. A. Khodel

1302.1815 (D. C. Peets J. -H. Kim et al.)

Magnetic phase diagram of $Sr_3 Fe_2 O_{7-x}$    [PDF]

D. C. Peets J. -H. Kim, P. Dosanjh, M. Reehuis, A. Maljuk, N. Aliouane, C. Ulrich, B. Keimer

1302.1818 (Wei-Guo Yin et al.)

Ferromagnetic Anisotropy from Antiferromagnetic Superexchange in the
Mixed 3d-5d Transition-Metal Compound Sr3CuIrO6

Wei-Guo Yin, X. Liu, A. M. Tsvelik, M. P. M. Dean, M. H. Upton, Jungho Kim, D. Casa, A. Said, T. Gog, T. F. Qi, G. Cao, J. P. Hill

1302.1828 (C. V. Moraisa et al.)

Inverse Transitions in the Ghatak-Sherrington model with Bimodal Random

C. V. Moraisa, M. J. Lazo, F. M. Zimmer, S. G. Magalhães