Thursday, September 6, 2012

1209.0770 (John W. Harter et al.)

Nodeless superconductivity arising from strong (pi,pi)
antiferromagnetism in the infinite-layer electron-doped cuprate Sr1-xLaxCuO2

John W. Harter, Luigi Maritato, Daniel E. Shai, Eric J. Monkman, Yuefeng Nie, Darrell G. Schlom, Kyle M. Shen

1209.0769 (Brian Swingle)

Entanglement sum rules in exactly solvable models    [PDF]

Brian Swingle

1209.0776 (Brian Swingle)

Interplay between short and long-range entanglement in symmetry
protected phases

Brian Swingle

1209.0788 (Kyungmin Lee et al.)

Signatures of unconventional pairing in near-vortex electronic structure
of LiFeAs

Kyungmin Lee, Mark H. Fischer, Eun-Ah Kim

1209.0795 (Peng Zhang et al.)

Periodic Anderson model with electron-phonon correlated conduction band    [PDF]

Peng Zhang, Peter Reis, Ka-Ming Tam, Mark Jarrell, Juana Moreno, Fakher Assaad, Andy McMahan

1209.0829 (E. A. Nowadnick et al.)

Competition between antiferromagnetic and charge density wave order in
the half filled Hubbard-Holstein model

E. A. Nowadnick, S. Johnston, B. Moritz, R. T. Scalettar, T. P. Devereaux

1209.0915 (Nicolaus Parragh et al.)

Conserved quantities of SU(2)-invariant interactions for correlated
fermions and the advantages for quantum Monte Carlo simulations

Nicolaus Parragh, Alessandro Toschi, Karsten Held, Giorgio Sangiovanni

1209.0924 (Igor Presniakov et al.)

A 57Fe Mössbauer Study Of Local Structure And Spin Arrangements In
Antiferromagnetic NaFeAs

Igor Presniakov, Igor Morozov, Alexey Sobolev, Mariya Roslova, Alexander Boltalin, Vladimir Son, Olga Volkova, Alexander Vasiliev

1209.1010 (J. M. P. Carmelo et al.)

Hubbard-model description of the high-energy spin-spectral-weight
distribution in La(2)CuO(4)

J. M. P. Carmelo, M. A. N. Araujo, S. R. White, M. J. Sampaio

1209.1079 (I. V. Protopopov et al.)

Dynamics of waves in 1D electron systems: Density oscillations driven by
population inversion

I. V. Protopopov, D. B. Gutman, P. Schmitteckert, A. D. Mirlin