Tuesday, August 6, 2013

1305.2888 (I. S. Burmistrov et al.)

Multifractality at Anderson transitions with Coulomb interaction    [PDF]

I. S. Burmistrov, I. V. Gornyi, A. D. Mirlin

1308.1014 (A. A. Zvyagin)

New physics in frustrated magnets: Spin ices, monopoles, etc    [PDF]

A. A. Zvyagin

1308.0603 (Johannes Bauer et al.)

Realizing a Kondo-correlated state with ultracold atoms    [PDF]

Johannes Bauer, Christophe Salomon, Eugene Demler

1308.0638 (Enrique Muñoz et al.)

Reply to 'Comment on Universal out-of-equilibrium transport in
Kondo-correlated quantum dots'

Enrique Muñoz, C. J. Bolech, Stefan Kirchner

1308.0664 (Tatsuya Kaneko et al.)

BCS-BEC crossover in the two-dimensional attractive Hubbard model:
Variational cluster approach

Tatsuya Kaneko, Yukinori Ohta

1308.0705 (Krzysztof Rościszewski et al.)

A possibility of high spin hole states in doped CoO$_2$ layered systems    [PDF]

Krzysztof Rościszewski, Andrzej M. Oleś

1308.0738 (Ioannis Rousochatzakis et al.)

Quantum dimer model for the spin-1/2 kagome Z2 spin liquid    [PDF]

Ioannis Rousochatzakis, Yuan Wan, Frédéric Mila, Oleg Tchernyshyov

1308.0812 (Dmitry Yudin et al.)

Fermi condensation near Van Hove singularities in the triangular lattice    [PDF]

Dmitry Yudin, Daniel Hirschmeier, Hartmut Hafermann, Olle Eriksson, Alexander I. Lichtenstein, Mikhail I. Katsnelson

1308.0823 (H. Schenck et al.)

Vector chiral phases in frustrated 2D XY model and quantum spin chains    [PDF]

H. Schenck, V. L. Pokrovsky, T. Nattermann

1308.0839 (J. H. Pixley et al.)

Pairing Correlations Near a Kondo-Destruction Quantum Critical Point    [PDF]

J. H. Pixley, Lili Deng, Kevin Ingersent, Qimiao Si

1308.0865 (Y. -J. Chen et al.)

Doping evolution of Zhang-Rice singlet spectral weight: a comprehensive
examination by x-ray absorption spectroscopy

Y. -J. Chen, M. G. Jiang, C. W. Luo, J. -Y. Lin, K. H. Wu, J. M. Lee, J. M. Chen, Y. K. Kuo, J. Y. Juang, Chung-Yu Mou

1308.0923 (S. Fujiyama et al.)

Spin and Orbital Contributions to Magnetically Ordered Moments in 5d
Layered Perovskite Sr2IrO4

S. Fujiyama, H. Ohsumi, K. Ohashi, D. Hirai, B. J. Kim, T. Arima, M. Takata, H. Takagi

1308.0927 (Z. V. Pchelkina et al.)

Ab initio investigation of the exchange interactions in
Bi$_2$Fe$_4$O$_9$: The Cairo pentagonal lattice compound

Z. V. Pchelkina, S. V. Streltsov

1308.0939 (S. Ramanan et al.)

BEC-BCS Crossover in Neutron Matter with Renormalization Group based
Effective Interactions

S. Ramanan, M. Urban

1308.0983 (Akira Oguri et al.)

Exact interacting Green's function for the Anderson impurity at high
bias voltages

Akira Oguri, Rui Sakano

1308.0987 (Wei Chen et al.)

Implications of Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering Data for Theoretical
Models of Cuprates

Wei Chen, Oleg P. Sushkov

1308.1072 (C. T. Wolowiec et al.)

Enhancement of superconductivity near the pressure-induced
semiconductor-metal transition in BiS2-based compounds LnO(0.5)F(0.5)BiS2 (Ln
= La, Ce, Pr, Nd)

C. T. Wolowiec, B. D. White, I. Jeon, D. Yazici, K. Huang, M. B. Maple

1308.1085 (Michael M. Yee et al.)

Imaging the Kondo Insulating Gap on SmB6    [PDF]

Michael M. Yee, Yang He, Anjan Soumyanarayanan, Dae-Jeong Kim, Zachary Fisk, Jennifer E. Hoffman