Friday, February 22, 2013

1111.3184 (Hiroaki T. Ueda et al.)

Nematic phase and phase separation near saturation field in frustrated

Hiroaki T. Ueda, Tsutomu Momoi

1302.5113 (Rahul Nandkishore et al.)

Superconductivity of disordered Dirac fermions    [PDF]

Rahul Nandkishore, Joseph Maciejko, David A. Huse, S. L. Sondhi

1302.5117 (Hae-Young Kee et al.)

Transport signatures of spatially modulated electronic nematic phases    [PDF]

Hae-Young Kee, Christoph M. Puetter, David Stroud

1302.5140 (Wojciech Brzezicki et al.)

Exotic spin orders driven by orbital fluctuations in the Kugel-Khomskii

Wojciech Brzezicki, Jacek Dziarmaga, Andrzej M. Oleś

1302.5149 (Mariya V. Medvedyeva et al.)

Quantum corrected phase diagram of holographic fermions    [PDF]

Mariya V. Medvedyeva, Elena Gubankova, Mihailo Čubrović, Koenraad Schalm, Jan Zaanen

1302.5278 (M. Pregelj et al.)

Evolution of magnetic and crystal structures in the multiferroic

M. Pregelj, P. Jeglič, A. Zorko, O. Zaharko, T. Apih, A. Gradišek, M. Komelj, H. Berger, D. Arčon

1302.5282 (Karolina Z. Milowska et al.)

Hole sp3-character and delocalization in (Ga,Mn)As    [PDF]

Karolina Z. Milowska, Malgorzata Wierzbowska

1302.5285 (L. Lepori et al.)

Scaling of the entanglement spectrum near quantum phase transitions    [PDF]

L. Lepori, G. De Chiara, A. Sanpera

1302.5286 (Giacomo Dolcetto et al.)

Generating and controlling spin-polarized currents induced by a quantum
spin Hall antidot

Giacomo Dolcetto, Fabio Cavaliere, Dario Ferraro, Maura Sassetti

1302.5309 (Jia-Rui Sun et al.)

Novel Features of the Transport Coefficients in Lifshitz Black Branes    [PDF]

Jia-Rui Sun, Shang-Yu Wu, Hai-Qing Zhang

1302.5317 (Philipp Jurgenowski et al.)

Dynamical symmetry between spin and charge excitations studied by a
plaquette mean-field approach in two dimensions

Philipp Jurgenowski, Michael Potthoff

1302.5360 (S. Roy et al.)

Probing hot electron transport across an epitaxial Schottky interface of

S. Roy, A. M. Kamerbeek, K. G. Rana, S. Parui, T. Banerjee

1302.5369 (H. B. Cao et al.)

Origin of structural transition in IrTe_2 studied by single crystal
neutron and X-ray diffraction

H. B. Cao, B. C. Chakoumakos, J. -Q. Yan, H. D. Zhou, R. Custelcean, D. Mandrus