Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1007.0745 (George Kastrinakis)

A fermionic superfluid state for many spinful species - II    [PDF]

George Kastrinakis

1210.6069 (Jonathan Lux et al.)

Interaction dominated transport and Coulomb drag in bilayer graphene    [PDF]

Jonathan Lux, Lars Fritz

1210.6121 (Zhoushen Huang et al.)

Stability of Weyl metals under impurity scattering    [PDF]

Zhoushen Huang, Tanmoy Das, Alexander V. Balatsky, Daniel P. Arovas

1210.6200 (Sergey Shinkevich et al.)

Numerical Simulations of Laser Induced Magnetic Bloch Oscillations    [PDF]

Sergey Shinkevich, Olav F. Syljuåsen

1210.6219 (V. N. Narozhnyi)

Comment on "Self-doping effects in cobalt silicide CoSi: Electrical,
magnetic, elastic, and thermodynamic properties"

V. N. Narozhnyi

1210.6223 (S. Watanabe et al.)

Spatial distribution of dynamically polarized nuclear spins in electron
spin domains in the $ν= 2/3$ fractional quantum Hall state studied by
nuclear electric resonance

S. Watanabe, I. Igarashi, N. Kumada, Y. Hirayama

1210.6233 (Minchul Lee et al.)

Kondo Effect in a Quantum-Dot-Topological-Superconductor Junction    [PDF]

Minchul Lee, Jong Soo Lim, Heunghwan Khim, Rosa Lopez

1210.6249 (J. Kaczmarczyk et al.)

High-temperature superconductivity in the Hubbard model: Gutzwiller
wave-function solution

J. Kaczmarczyk, J. Spałek, T. Schickling, F. Gebhard, J. Buenemann

1210.6297 (Jong E. Han)

Solution of electric-field-driven tight-binding lattice in contact with
fermion reservoir

Jong E. Han

1210.6320 (Renyuan Liao et al.)

p-wave Pairing in Two-Component Fermi System with Unequal Population:
Weak Coupling BCS to Strong Coupling BEC Regimes

Renyuan Liao, Florentin Popescu, Khandker Quader

1210.6324 (Du\vsan Vol\vcko et al.)

Signatures of Fermion Pairing with Unconventional Symmetry around
BCS-BEC Crossover in a Quasi-2D Lattice

Du\vsan Vol\vcko, Khandker F. Quader