Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1301.2922 (Bobby Antonio et al.)

2-qubit gates for decoherence-free qubits using a ring exchange

Bobby Antonio, Sougato Bose

1301.3136 (Kun Chen et al.)

Deconfined criticality flow in the Heisenberg model with ring-exchange

Kun Chen, Yuan Huang, Youjin Deng, A. B. Kuklov, N. V. Prokof'ev, B. V. Svistunov

1301.3139 (Kun Chen et al.)

Universal properties of the Higgs resonance in (2+1)-dimensional U(1)
critical systems

Kun Chen, Longxiang Liu, Youjin Deng, Lode Pollet, Nikolay Prokof'ev

1301.3142 (Egil V. Herland et al.)

Phase structure and phase transitions in a three dimensional SU(2)

Egil V. Herland, Troels A. Bojesen, Egor Babaev, Asle Sudbø

1301.3169 (Anand Sharma et al.)

Effect of Uniaxial Strain on Ferromagnetic Instability and Formation of
Localized Magnetic States on Adatoms in Graphene

Anand Sharma, Valeri N. Kotov, Antonio H. Castro Neto

1301.3207 (Ying Tang et al.)

Confinement and Deconfinement of Spinons in Two Dimensions    [PDF]

Ying Tang, Anders W. Sandvik

1301.3212 (Zhao Zhao et al.)

Pressure induced structural transitions and metallization in Ag2Te    [PDF]

Zhao Zhao, Shibing Wang, Haijun Zhang, Wendy L. Mao

1301.3261 (Zhihao Hao et al.)

Spin-1/2 Heisenberg antiferromanget on kagome: a $Z_2$ spin liquid with
fermionic spinons

Zhihao Hao, Oleg Tchernyshyov

1301.3307 (Stefan Kirchner et al.)

Nonlinear thermoelectric response of quantum dots: renormalized dual
fermions out of equilibrium

Stefan Kirchner, Farzaneh Zamani, Enrique Muñoz

1301.3313 (V. Raghavendra Reddy et al.)

Low temperature high magnetic field $^{57}Fe$ M$\ddot{o}$ssbauer study
of kinetic arrest in $Hf_{0.77}Ta_{0.23}Fe_2$

V. Raghavendra Reddy, R. Rawat, Ajay Gupta, Pallab Bag, V. Siruguri, P. Chaddah

1301.3317 (Yang Zhao et al.)

Kosterlitz-Thouless phase transition and reentrance in an anisotropic
3-state Potts model on the generalized Kagome lattice

Yang Zhao, Wei Li, Bin Xi, Zhe Zhang, Xin Yan, Shi-Ju Ran, Tao Liu, Gang Su

1301.3326 (Om Prakash et al.)

Superconductivity in a low carrier density system: A single crystal
study of cubic Y$_3$Ru$_4$Ge$_{13}$

Om Prakash, A. Thamizhavel, A. K. Nigam, S. Ramakrishnan

1301.3355 (D. M. Kennes et al.)

Efficiency and power of a thermoelectric quantum dot device    [PDF]

D. M. Kennes, D. Schuricht, V. Meden

1301.3427 (P. G. Freeman et al.)

Development of the Magnetic Excitations of Charge-Stripe Ordered
La(2-x)Sr(x)NiO(4) on Doping Towards Checkerboard Charge Order

P. G. Freeman, S. R. Giblin, K. Hradil, R. A. Mole, D. Prabhakaran

1301.3434 (Prasenjit Dutt et al.)

Strongly correlated dynamics in multichannel quantum RC circuits    [PDF]

Prasenjit Dutt, Thomas L. Schmidt, Christophe Mora, Karyn Le Hur

1301.3470 (Hao Song et al.)

Mott insulators of ultracold fermionic alkaline earth atoms in three

Hao Song, Michael Hermele