Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1210.7819 (Sumiran Pujari et al.)

Effect of Dirac Spinons on ARPES signatures of Herbertsmithe    [PDF]

Sumiran Pujari, Michael Lawler

1210.7821 (Predrag Nikolic et al.)

Interaction proximity effect at the interface between a superconductor
and a topological insulator quantum well

Predrag Nikolic, Zlatko Tesanovic

1210.7838 (Ping V. Lin et al.)

Conductance noise in an out-of-equilibrium two-dimensional electron

Ping V. Lin, Xiaoyan Shi, J. Jaroszynski, Dragana Popović

1210.7867 (Andreas Dirks et al.)

Extracting spectral properties from Keldysh Green functions    [PDF]

Andreas Dirks, Martin Eckstein, Thomas Pruschke, Philipp Werner

1210.7879 (I. V. Solovyev)

Why is MnWO4 multiferroic?    [PDF]

I. V. Solovyev

1210.7910 (Y. Kuno et al.)

Effective field theories for two-component repulsive bosons on lattice
and their phase diagrams

Y. Kuno, K. Kataoka, I. Ichinose

1210.7922 (Yosikazu Isikawa et al.)

Enhancement of Curie temperature due to the coupling between Fe
itinerant electrons and Dy localized electrons in DyFe2Zn20

Yosikazu Isikawa, Toshio Mizushima, Souta Miyamoto, Keigou Kumagai, Mako Nakahara, Hiroaki Okuyama, Takashi Tayama, Tomohiko Kuwai, Pascal Lejay

1210.7929 (Parsa Bonderson)

Measurement-Only Topological Quantum Computation via Tunable

Parsa Bonderson

1210.7955 (Gervasi Herranz et al.)

High mobility conduction at (110) and (111) LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interfaces    [PDF]

Gervasi Herranz, Florencio Sánchez, Nico Dix, Mateusz Scigaj, Josep Fontcuberta

1210.8000 (Giovanni Drera)

Electronic structure of TiO2 thin films and LaAlO3-SrTiO3
heterostructures: the role of titanium 3d1 states in magnetic and transport

Giovanni Drera

1210.8137 (Christopher L. Henley)

NMR relaxation in spin ice due to diffusing emergent monopoles    [PDF]

Christopher L. Henley

1210.8142 (S. Nishimoto et al.)

Anderson localization versus charge-density-wave formation in disordered
electron systems

S. Nishimoto, S. Ejima, H. Fehske

1210.8143 (Simon C. Davenport et al.)

Putting a Spin on the Gaffnian    [PDF]

Simon C. Davenport, Eddy Ardonne, Nicolas Regnault, Steven H. Simon