Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1112.2727 (Feng Cai et al.)

Dynamical Mass Generation of Composite Dirac Fermions and Fractional
Quantum Hall Effects near Charge Neutrality in Graphene

Feng Cai, Yue Yu, Ziqiang Wang

1307.1325 (Aritra Kundu et al.)

Distribution of quantum discord in Heisenberg Antiferromagnets    [PDF]

Aritra Kundu, V. Subrahmanyam

1307.1707 (Baoming Tang et al.)

Finite-temperature properties of strongly correlated fermions in the
honeycomb lattice

Baoming Tang, Thereza Paiva, Ehsan Khatami, Marcos Rigol

1307.1752 (Mila Frederic et al.)

Iterative Deconvolution of Quadrupole Split NMR Spectra    [PDF]

Mila Frederic, Takigawa Masashi

1307.1781 (Archak Purkayastha et al.)

Block entanglement of the Gutzwiller state and metal-insulator
transition in nanochains

Archak Purkayastha, V. Subrahmanyam

1307.1803 (M. Jemai et al.)

Self-Consistent RPA from a Coupled Cluster Wave Function Perspective    [PDF]

M. Jemai, D. S. Delion, P. Schuck

1307.1861 (L. P. He et al.)

Full superconducting gap in the doped topological crystalline insulator,

L. P. He, Z. Zhang, J. Pan, X. C. Hong, S. Y. Zhou, S. Y. Li

1307.1892 (Alexander C. Archer et al.)

Nature of the Crystal Phase between 1/5 and 2/9 Fractional Hall Liquids    [PDF]

Alexander C. Archer, Kwon Park, Jainendra K. Jain

1307.1939 (Shu Tanaka)

A useful way to obtain the central charge of entanglement Hamiltonian --
Nested entanglement entropy

Shu Tanaka

1307.2147 (Hao Shi et al.)

Symmetry in Auxiliary-Field Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations    [PDF]

Hao Shi, Shiwei Zhang

1307.2212 (G. Cao et al.)

Evolution of Magnetism in Single-Crystal Honeycomb Iridates    [PDF]

G. Cao, T. F. Qi, L. Li, J. Terzic, S. J. Yuan, M. Tovar, G. Murthy, R. K. Kaul