Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1006.5823 (Oliver Buerschaper et al.)

Electric-magnetic duality of lattice systems with topological order    [PDF]

Oliver Buerschaper, Matthias Christandl, Liang Kong, Miguel Aguado

1108.3094 (J. A. Camargo et al.)

The modified Becke-Johnson potential analyzed    [PDF]

J. A. Camargo, R. Baquero

1306.3728 (J. -T. Hsiang et al.)

Entanglement Structure of an Open System of $N$ Quantum Oscillators: II.
Strong Disparate Couplings N=3

J. -T. Hsiang, Rong Zhou, B. L. Hu

1306.3992 (S. M. Kravec et al.)

A gauge theory generalization of the fermion-doubling theorem    [PDF]

S. M. Kravec, John McGreevy

1306.4001 (Hyeonjin Doh et al.)

Bifurcation of the Edge-State Width in the Two-Dimensional Topological

Hyeonjin Doh, Gun Sang Jeon

1306.4003 (J. I. Cirac et al.)

Robustness in Projected Entangled Pair States    [PDF]

J. I. Cirac, S. Michalakis, D. Perez-Garcia, N. Schuch

1306.4008 (Markus Legner et al.)

Relating the entanglement spectrum of noninteracting band insulators to
their quantum geometry and topology

Markus Legner, Titus Neupert

1306.4023 (Vieri Mastropietro)

Universality, exponents and anomaly cancellation in disordered Dirac

Vieri Mastropietro

1306.4105 (M. Monteverde et al.)

Evidence for the coexistence of Dirac and massive carriers in
a-(BEDT-TTF)2I3 under hydrostatic pressure

M. Monteverde, M. O. Goerbig, P. Auban-Senzier, F. Navarin, H. Henck, C. R. Pasquier, C. Mézière, P. Batail

1306.4123 (M. Atiqur R. Patoary et al.)

Momentum Dependent Local-Ansatz with Hybrid Wavefunction from Weak to
Strong Electron Correlations

M. Atiqur R. Patoary, Yoshiro Kakehashi

1306.4142 (K. J. H. Giesbertz et al.)

Natural occupation numbers: When do they vanish?    [PDF]

K. J. H. Giesbertz, R. van Leeuwen

1306.4170 (A. Blachowski et al.)

Magnetic anisotropy and lattice dynamics in FeAs studied by Mössbauer

A. Blachowski, K. Ruebenbauer, J. Zukrowski, Z. Bukowski

1306.4184 (Rong Yu et al.)

Orbital-selective superconductivity, gap anisotropy and spin resonance
excitations in a multiorbital t-J1-J2 model for iron pnictides

Rong Yu, Jian-Xin Zhu, Qimiao Si

1306.4212 (Andrea Zen et al.)

Optimized structure and vibrational properties by error affected
potential energy surfaces

Andrea Zen, Delyan Zhelyazov, Leonardo Guidoni

1306.4216 (D. Schmidiger et al.)

Spectrum of a magnetized strong-leg quantum spin ladder    [PDF]

D. Schmidiger, P. Bouillot, T. Guidi, R. Bewley, C. Kollath, T. Giamarchi, A. Zheludev

1306.4251 (Y. Tokiwa et al.)

Quantum bicriticality in the heavy-fermion metamagnet YbAgGe    [PDF]

Y. Tokiwa, M. Garst, P. Gegenwart, S. L. Bud'ko, P. C. Canfield

1306.4254 (Anton Kapustin)

Ground-state degeneracy for abelian anyons in the presence of gapped

Anton Kapustin

1306.4267 (Hiroyuki Yamase et al.)

Electronic Raman scattering from orbital nematic fluctuations    [PDF]

Hiroyuki Yamase, Roland Zeyher

1306.4268 (Valentin Stanev et al.)

Complex state induced by impurities in multiband superconductors    [PDF]

Valentin Stanev, Alexei E. Koshelev

1306.4269 (L. Clark et al.)

Gapless spin liquid ground state in the S=1/2 vanadium oxyfluoride
kagome antiferromagnet [NH4]2[C7H14N][V7O6F18]

L. Clark, J. C. Orain, F. Bert, M. A. de Vries, F. H. Aidoudi, R. E. Morris, P. Lightfoot, J. S. Lord, M. T. F. Telling, P. Bonville, J. P. Attfield, 1 P. Mendels, A. Harrison

1306.4306 (Hyungwon Kim et al.)

Ballistic spreading of entanglement in a diffusive nonintegrable system    [PDF]

Hyungwon Kim, David A. Huse