Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1006.5479 (Salman Beigi et al.)

The Quantum Double Model with Boundary: Condensations and Symmetries    [PDF]

Salman Beigi, Peter W. Shor, Daniel Whalen

1212.0012 (Y. Huang et al.)

Scaling of electrical and thermal conductivities in an almost integrable

Y. Huang, C. Karrasch, J. E. Moore

1212.0014 (J. Li et al.)

Physical Properties of $Ba_2 Mn_2 Sb_2 O$ Single Crystals    [PDF]

J. Li, C. E. Ekuma, I. Vekhter, M. Jarrell, J. Moreno, S. Stadler, A. B. Karki, R. Jin

1212.0055 (S. A. Kulagin et al.)

Bold Diagrammatic Monte Carlo Applied to Fermionized Frustrated Spins    [PDF]

S. A. Kulagin, N. Prokof'ev, O. A. Starykh, B. Svistunov, C. N. Varney

1212.0112 (Pasquale Marra et al.)

Establishing Theoretically the Capacity of Resonant Inelastic X-ray
Scattering to Probe the Phase and Excitations of the Superconducting Order

Pasquale Marra, Steffen Sykora, Krzysztof Wohlfeld, Jeroen van den Brink

1212.0168 (L. Makinistian et al.)

On the half-metallicity of Co2FeSi Heusler alloy: an experimental and ab
initio study

L. Makinistian, Muhammad M. Faiz, Raghava P. Panguluri, B. Balke, S. Wurmehl, C. Felser, E. A. Albanesi, A. G. Petukhov, B. Nadgorny

1212.0210 (George Martins et al.)

RPA Analysis of a Two-orbital Model for the BiS2-based Superconductors    [PDF]

George Martins, Adriana Moreo, Elbio Dagotto

1212.0221 (T. Shang et al.)

Interplay between 3d- and 4f-electrons in Co-doped CeFeAsO    [PDF]

T. Shang, L. Yang, Y. Chen, J. L. Zhang, L. Jiao, J. Chen, J. Dai, H. Q. Yuan

1212.0222 (T. Shang et al.)

Moderate interaction between 3d- and 4f-electrons and ferrimagnetism in
Co-doped GdFeAsO

T. Shang, L. Yang, N. Cornell, F. Ronning, Y. Chen, L. Jiao, J. Chen, A. Howard, J. D. Thompson, A. Zakhidov, M. B. Salamon, H. Q. Yuan

1212.0223 (N. Sedlmayr et al.)

When is a bath a bath? Relaxation dynamics and thermalization in a
fermionic chain

N. Sedlmayr, J. Ren, F. Gebhard, J. Sirker

1212.0293 (Masafumi Udagawa et al.)

Anomalous Hall effect from frustration-tuned scalar chirality
distribution in Pr2Ir2O7

Masafumi Udagawa, Roderich Moessner

1212.0295 (Y. J. Yan et al.)

Physical properties in hole-doped SrFe$_{2-x}$Cu$_x$As$_2$ single

Y. J. Yan, P. Cheng, J. J. Ying, X. G. Luo, F. Chen, H. Y. Zou, A. F. Wang, G. J. Ye, Z. J. Xiang, J. Q. Ma, X. H. Chen

1212.0299 (Kazue Matsuyama et al.)

Phenomenological model for the normal state ARPES line shapes of high
temperature superconductors

Kazue Matsuyama, G. -H. Gweon

1212.0342 (Martin Hohenadler et al.)

Excitation spectra and spin gap of the half-filled Holstein-Hubbard

Martin Hohenadler, Fakher F. Assaad

1212.0351 (Teresia Mansson et al.)

Condensate-induced transitions and critical spin chains    [PDF]

Teresia Mansson, Ville Lahtinen, Juha Suorsa, Eddy Ardonne

1212.0414 (J. Schnack et al.)

Advanced quantum methods for the largest magnetic molecules    [PDF]

J. Schnack, J. Ummethum

1212.0461 (Alexander G. Abanov)

On the effective hydrodynamics of FQHE    [PDF]

Alexander G. Abanov

1212.0485 (J. Hwang et al.)

Successive magnetic phase transitions and multiferroicity in Spin-1
triangular lattice antiferromagnet Ba$_3$NiNb$_2$O$_9$

J. Hwang, E. S. Choi, F. Ye, C. R. Dela Cruz, Y. Xin, H. D. Zhou, P. Schlottmann

1212.0530 (S. -H. Baek et al.)

Evidence of a critical hole concentration in underdoped
YBa$_2$Cu$_3$O$_y$ single crystals revealed by $^{63}$Cu NMR

S. -H. Baek, T. Loew, V. Hinkov, C. T. Lin, B. Keimer, B. B├╝chner, H. -J. Grafe

1212.0546 (Guy Cohen et al.)

Numerically Exact Long Time Magnetization Dynamics at the Nonequilibrium
Kondo Crossover of the Anderson Impurity Model

Guy Cohen, Emanuel Gull, David R. Reichman, Andrew J. Millis, Eran Rabani

1212.0557 (S. A. Parameswaran et al.)

Topological Order and Absence of Band Insulators at Integer Filling in
Non-Symmorphic Crystals

S. A. Parameswaran, Ari M. Turner, Daniel P. Arovas, Ashvin Vishwanath

1212.0590 (S. Middey et al.)

Epitaxial growth of (111)-oriented LaAlO$_3$/LaNiO$_3$ ultra-thin

S. Middey, D. Meyers, M. Kareev, E. J. Moon, B. A. Gray, X. Liu, J. W. Freeland, J. Chakhalian

1212.0593 (Andrew M. Essin et al.)

Classifying fractionalization: symmetry classification of gapped Z2 spin
liquids in two dimensions

Andrew M. Essin, Michael Hermele

1212.0650 (Christophe Mora et al.)

Low-Frequency Admittance as Probe of Majorana Fermions    [PDF]

Christophe Mora, Karyn Le Hur

1212.0699 (Han Ma et al.)

Formation and local symmetry of Holstein polaron in t-J model    [PDF]

Han Ma, T. K. Lee, Yan Chen

1212.0708 (I. V. Protopopov et al.)

Correlations in non-equilibrium Luttinger liquid and singular Fredholm

I. V. Protopopov, D. B. Gutman, A. D. Mirlin

1212.0736 (M. Powalski et al.)

Disorder by disorder and flat bands in the kagome transverse field Ising

M. Powalski, K. Coester, R. Moessner, K. P. Schmidt

1212.0835 (Andrej Mesaros et al.)

A classification of symmetry enriched topological phases with exactly
solvable models

Andrej Mesaros, Ying Ran