Friday, May 3, 2013

1305.0003 (Xue-Feng Zhang et al.)

Chiral edge states and fractional charge separation in interacting
bosons on a Kagome lattice

Xue-Feng Zhang, Sebastian Eggert

1305.0006 (Philip W. Phillips et al.)

Un-Fermi Liquids: Unparticles in Strongly Correlated Electron Matter    [PDF]

Philip W. Phillips, Brandon W. Langley, Jimmy A. Hutasoit

1305.0011 (Grigory Bednik et al.)

Emergent Lorentz invariance from Strong Dynamics: Holographic examples    [PDF]

Grigory Bednik, Oriol Pujolas, Sergey Sibiryakov

1305.0019 (S. V. Dordevic et al.)

Do organic and other exotic superconductors fail universal scaling

S. V. Dordevic, D. N. Basov, C. C. Homes

1305.0054 (M. G. Kim et al.)

Spin polarization of Ru in superconducting
Ba(Fe$_{0.795}$Ru$_{0.205}$)$_2$As$_2$ studied by x-ray resonant magnetic

M. G. Kim, J. Soh, J. Lang, M. P. M. Dean, A. Thaler, S. L. Bud'ko, P. C. Canfield, E. Bourret-Courchesne, A. Kreyssig, A. I. Goldman, R. J. Birgeneau

1305.0075 (Maxim Kharitonov et al.)

Kondo effect in monolayer and bilayer graphene: physical realizations of
the multi-channel Kondo models

Maxim Kharitonov, Gabriel Kotliar

1305.0114 (Ya-Jie Wu et al.)

Realizing Universal Majorana Fermionic Quantum Computation    [PDF]

Ya-Jie Wu, Jing He, Su-Peng Kou

1305.0118 (Maxime Dugave et al.)

Thermal form factors of the XXZ chain and the large-distance asymptotics
of its temperature dependent correlation functions

Maxime Dugave, Frank Göhmann, Karol K. Kozlowski

1305.0121 (Zhao-Dong Chu et al.)

Electronic Structure of a Two-Dimensional Graphene-Like Topological
Insulator, Bi14Rh3I9

Zhao-Dong Chu, Wen-Yu He, Lin He

1305.0198 (J. Laverock et al.)

Electronic structure of the kagome staircase compounds Ni3V2O8 and

J. Laverock, B. Chen, A. R. H. Preston, K. E. Smith, N. R. Wilson, G. Balakrishnan, P. -A. Glans, J. -H. Guo

1305.0207 (S. -X. Yang et al.)

Mean-field embedding of the dual fermion approach for correlated
electron systems

S. -X. Yang, H. Terletska, Z. Y. Meng, J. Moreno, M. Jarrell

1305.0214 (Andrej Mesaros et al.)

Changing topology by topological defects in three-dimensional
topologically ordered phases

Andrej Mesaros, Yong Baek Kim, Ying Ran

1305.0238 (Larry Engelhardt et al.)

FIT-MART: Quantum Magnetism with a Gentle Learning Curve    [PDF]

Larry Engelhardt, Scott C. Garland, Cameron Rainey, Ray A. Freeman

1305.0242 (M. Amini et al.)

Multifractality and quantum-to-classical crossover in the Coulomb
anomaly at the Mott-Anderson metal-insulator transition

M. Amini, V. E. Kravtsov, M. Mueller

1305.0278 (Bryan K. Clark)

Searching for Topological Degeneracy in the Hubbard Model with Quantum
Monte Carlo

Bryan K. Clark

1305.0298 (N. Regnault et al.)

Microscopic model for the boson integer quantum Hall effect    [PDF]

N. Regnault, T. Senthil

1305.0330 (A. O. Sboychakov et al.)

Antiferromagnetic states and phase separation in doped AA-stacked
graphene bilayers

A. O. Sboychakov, A. V. Rozhkov, A. L. Rakhmanov, Franco Nori

1305.0351 (J. Sannigrahi et al.)

Magnetic and electric properties of CaMn7O12 based multiferroic
compounds: effect of electron doping

J. Sannigrahi, S. Chattopadhyay, D. Dutta, S. Giri, S. Majumdar

1305.0408 (Pablo R. Zangara et al.)

Interaction-disorder competition in a spin system evaluated through the
Loschmidt Echo

Pablo R. Zangara, Axel D. Dente, Aníbal Iucci, Patricia R. Levstein, Horacio M. Pastawski

1305.0504 (Iztok Pizorn et al.)

Real time evolution at finite temperatures with operator space matrix
product states

Iztok Pizorn, Viktor Eisler, Sabine Andergassen, Matthias Troyer

1305.0518 (Yixiong Chen et al.)

Form factors in equilibrium and non-equilibrium mixed states of the
Ising model

Yixiong Chen, Benjamin Doyon