Tuesday, May 28, 2013

1305.5851 (Lukasz Fidkowski et al.)

Non-Abelian Topological Order on the Surface of a 3D Topological
Supercoductor from an Exactly Solved Model

Lukasz Fidkowski, Xie Chen, Ashvin Vishwanath

1305.5903 (Deung-Jang Choi et al.)

Spin injection and detection with a single Kondo atom    [PDF]

Deung-Jang Choi, Mircea V. Rastei, Jong Soo Lim, Rosa López, Pascal Simon, Laurent Limot

1305.5908 (Xiaolong Deng et al.)

Topological transitions of interacting bosons in one-dimensional
bi-chromatic optical lattices

Xiaolong Deng, Luis Santos

1305.6029 (Jianhui Wang et al.)

Edge reconstruction in the $ν=2/3$ fractional quantum Hall state    [PDF]

Jianhui Wang, Yigal Meir, Yuval Gefen

1305.6039 (B. Koteswararao et al.)

PbCu3TeO7: An S=1/2 staircase Kagome lattice with significant intra- and
inter-plane couplings

B. Koteswararao, R. Kumar, Jayita Chakraborty, Byung-Gu Jeon, A. V. Mahajan, I. Dasgupta, Kee Hoon Kim, F. C. Chou

1305.6125 (Sergei I. Mukhin)

Instantonic condensates in many-body systems: breakdown of Goldstone's

Sergei I. Mukhin

1305.6283 (C. E. Ekuma et al.)

Electronic Structure and Spectra of CuO    [PDF]

C. E. Ekuma, V. I. Anisimov, J. Moreno, M. Jarrell

1305.6305 (Antônio R. Moura et al.)

Phase transitions in the two-dimensional anisotropic biquadratic
Heisenberg model

Antônio R. Moura, Antônio S. T. Pires, Afrânio R. Pereira