Wednesday, May 22, 2013

1305.4670 (Rafael M. Fernandes et al.)

How many quantum phase transitions exist inside the superconducting dome
of the iron pnictides?

Rafael M. Fernandes, Saurabh Maiti, Peter W├Âlfle, Andrey V. Chubukov

1305.4674 (Yi Zhang et al.)

The 'Higgs' amplitude mode in weak ferromagnetic metals    [PDF]

Yi Zhang, Paulo F. Farinas, Kevin S. Bedell

1305.4691 (Hadi Ebrahimnejad et al.)

Binding carriers to a non-magnetic impurity in a two-dimensional square
Ising antiferromagnet

Hadi Ebrahimnejad, Mona Berciu

1305.4693 (Huaiming Guo)

Dimerization, Trimerization and Quantum pumping    [PDF]

Huaiming Guo

1305.4708 (Takahiro Fujiwara et al.)

Pressure-induced magnetization reversal in the lightly electron-doped
manganite compound (Ca,Sr)Mn$_{0.95}$Sb$_{0.05}$O$_{3}$

Takahiro Fujiwara, Michiaki Matsukawa, Satoru Kobayashi Shigeki Nimori, Ramanathan Suryanarayanan

1305.4758 (Yuta Murakami et al.)

Supersolid states in a spin system-phase diagram and collective

Yuta Murakami, Takashi Oka, Hideo Aoki

1305.4834 (Jiquan Pei et al.)

On the high energy spin excitations in the high temperature
superconductors: an RVB theory

Jiquan Pei, Haijun Liao, Tao Li

1305.4898 (A. E. Taylor et al.)

Spin fluctuations away from (pi,0) in the superconducting phase of
molecular-intercalated FeSe

A. E. Taylor, S. J. Sedlmaier, S. J. Cassidy, E. A. Goremychkin, R. A. Ewings, T. G. Perring, S. J. Clarke, A. T. Boothroyd