Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1008.0002 (Vivek Aji et al.)

Topological Excitations near the Local Critical Point in the Dissipative
2D XY model

Vivek Aji, C. M. Varma

1105.3017 (Gil Young Cho et al.)

Quantum phase transition and fractional excitations in a topological
insulator thin film with Zeeman and excitonic masses

Gil Young Cho, Joel E. Moore

1112.3002 (A. Toschi et al.)

Quantum dynamical screening of the local magnetic moment in Fe-based

A. Toschi, R. Arita, P. Hansmann, G. Sangiovanni, K. Held

1208.5053 (M. C. O. Aguiar et al.)

Universal quantum criticality at the Mott-Anderson transition    [PDF]

M. C. O. Aguiar, V. Dobrosavljevic

1208.5055 (Daniel S. Freed et al.)

Twisted equivariant matter    [PDF]

Daniel S. Freed, Gregory W. Moore

1208.5089 (Solomon A. Owerre)

Effects of Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction on Spin 1/2 XY Model with
Ring Exchange on a Triangular Lattice

Solomon A. Owerre

1208.5106 (Hiroaki Matsueda)

Topology and Geometric Structure of Branching MERA Network    [PDF]

Hiroaki Matsueda

1208.5128 (C. W. von Keyserlingk et al.)

Three-dimensional topological lattice models with surface anyons    [PDF]

C. W. von Keyserlingk, F. J. Burnell, Steven H. Simon

1208.5142 (L. Bossoni et al.)

Glassy transition in the vortex state of Ba(Fe$_{1-x}$Rh$_x$)$_2$As$_2$
superconductor as probed by high magnetic field NMR

L. Bossoni, P. Carretta, M. Horvatić, M. Corti, A. Thaler, P. C. Canfield

1208.5144 (Mirko Moeller et al.)

Magnon-mediated interactions between fermions depend strongly on the
lattice structure

Mirko Moeller, George A. Sawatzky, Mona Berciu

1208.5146 (Mirko Moeller et al.)

The role of the lattice structure in determining the magnon-mediated
interactions between charge carriers doped into a magnetically ordered

Mirko Moeller, George A. Sawatzky, Mona Berciu

1208.5176 (Hamid Omid et al.)

D3-D7 Holographic dual of a perturbed 3D CFT    [PDF]

Hamid Omid, Gordon W. Semenoff

1208.5240 (S. R. Hassan et al.)

A stable Algebraic Spin Liquid in a Hubbard model    [PDF]

S. R. Hassan, P. V. Sriluckshmy, Sandeep K Goyal, R. Shankar, David Sénéchal

1208.5257 (M. Reyes Calvo et al.)

Analysis of the Kondo effect in ferromagnetic atomic-sized contacts    [PDF]

M. Reyes Calvo, David Jacob, Carlos Untiedt

1208.5290 (M. Akaki et al.)

Multiferroic properties of an åkermanite Sr$_2$CoSi$_2$O$_7$ single
crystal in high magnetic fields

M. Akaki, H. Iwamoto, T. Kihara, M. Tokunaga, H. Kuwahara

1208.5305 (Hiroaki Matsueda)

VBS/CFT Correspondence and Thermal Tensor Network    [PDF]

Hiroaki Matsueda

1208.5323 (Michael M. Scherer et al.)

Interacting electrons on trilayer honeycomb lattices    [PDF]

Michael M. Scherer, Stefan Uebelacker, Daniel D. Scherer, Carsten Honerkamp

1208.5334 (Fernando de Melo et al.)

The Power of Noisy Fermionic Quantum Computation    [PDF]

Fernando de Melo, Piotr Ćwikliński, Barbara M. Terhal

1208.5349 (A. Kainz et al.)

Kinks in the periodic Anderson model    [PDF]

A. Kainz, A. Toschi, R. Peters, K. Held

1208.5379 (M. Nemec et al.)

Microscopic mechanism for the 1/8 magnetization plateau in

M. Nemec, G. R. Foltin, K. P. Schmidt

1208.5422 (A. S. Moskvin)

Pseudogap phase in cuprates: oxygen orbital moments instead of
circulating currents

A. S. Moskvin