Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1208.4096 (Yi-Dong Wu)

Chern pump: a bridge between integer quantum Hall effect and quantum
spin Hall effect

Yi-Dong Wu

1208.4102 (Aristomenis Donos et al.)

Universal linear in temperature resistivity from black hole

Aristomenis Donos, Sean A. Hartnoll

1208.4099 (William Witczak-Krempa et al.)

Pyrochlore electrons under pressure, heat and field: shedding light on
the iridates

William Witczak-Krempa, Ara Go, Yong Baek Kim

1208.4109 (Yi-Zhuang You et al.)

Synthetic Topological Degeneracy by Anyon Condensation    [PDF]

Yi-Zhuang You, Chao-Ming Jian, Xiao-Gang Wen

1208.4120 (T. F. Seman et al.)

Strain-induced metal-insulator phase coexistence and stability in
perovskite manganites

T. F. Seman, K. H. Ahn, T. Lookman, A. R. Bishop

1208.4133 (Ribhu K. Kaul)

Spin nematic ground state of the triangular lattice S=1 biquadratic

Ribhu K. Kaul

1208.4226 (G. Eguchi et al.)

Large spin-orbit splitting and weakly-anisotropic superconductivity
revealed with single-crystalline noncentrosymmetric CaIrSi3

G. Eguchi, H. Wadati, T. Sugiyama, E. Ikenaga, S. Yonezawa, Y. Maeno

1208.4234 (A. Alexandradinata et al.)

Wilson-Loop Characterization of Inversion-Symmetric Topological

A. Alexandradinata, Xi Dai, B. Andrei Bernevig

1208.4306 (Kenji Harada)

Incommensurability of spiral state on the spin-1/2 spatially anisotropic
triangular antiferromagnets by using entanglement renormalization technique

Kenji Harada

1208.4308 (T. Hu et al.)

Non-Fermi liquid behavior with and without quantum criticality in

T. Hu, Y. P. Singh, L. Shu, M. Janoschek, M. Dzero, M. B. Maple, Carmen C. Almasan

1208.4322 (Valentina Brosco et al.)

Exact exchange-correlation potential of a ionic Hubbard model with a
free surface

Valentina Brosco, Zujian Ying, José Lorenzana