Friday, December 7, 2012

1212.1163 (Gilad Ben-Shach et al.)

Detecting Non-Abelian Anyons by Charging Spectroscopy    [PDF]

Gilad Ben-Shach, Chris R. Laumann, Izhar Neder, Amir Yacoby, Bertrand I. Halperin

1212.1168 (Eun-Gook Moon et al.)

Non-Fermi liquid and topological states with strong spin-orbit coupling    [PDF]

Eun-Gook Moon, Cenke Xu, Yong Baek Kim, Leon Balents

1212.1227 (Toshihiro Sato et al.)

Transport criticality at Mott transition in a triangular lattice Hubbard

Toshihiro Sato, Kazumasa Hattori, Hirokazu Tsunetsugu

1212.1308 (L. Howald et al.)

Strong pressure dependence of the magnetic penetration depth in single
crystals of the heavy fermion superconductor CeCoIn5 studied by muon spin

L. Howald, A. Maisuradze, P. Dalmas de Réotier, A. Yaouanc, C. Baines, G. Lapertot, K. Mony, J. -P. Brison, H. Keller

1212.1311 (Jie Ren et al.)

Quantum information analysis of quantum phase transitions in a
one-dimensional V1-V2 hard-core-boson model

Jie Ren, Xuefen Xu, Liping Gu, Jialiang Li

1212.1374 (Vladimir Timoshevskii et al.)

Quantum transport modeling of Fe/MgO/Fe magnetic tunnel junction with
FeO$_{0.5}$ buffer layer: the effects of correlations

Vladimir Timoshevskii, Yibin Hu, É. Marcotte, Hong Guo

1212.1403 (E. A. Winograd et al.)

Phase diagram of the asymmetric Hubbard model and an entropic
chromatographic method for cooling cold fermions in optical lattices

E. A. Winograd, R. Chitra, M. J. Rozenberg