Monday, July 29, 2013

1307.4558 (Francesco Nitti et al.)

Dressing the Electron Star in a Holographic Superconductor    [PDF]

Francesco Nitti, Giuseppe Policastro, Thomas Vanel

1307.6860 (Yejin Huh et al.)

Vector boson excitations near deconfined quantum critical points    [PDF]

Yejin Huh, Philipp Strack, Subir Sachdev

1307.6863 (Yejin Huh et al.)

Conserved current correlators of conformal field theories in 2+1

Yejin Huh, Philipp Strack, Subir Sachdev

1307.6943 (Claudia Cancellieri et al.)

Doping-dependent band structure of LaAlO$_{3}$/SrTiO$_{3}$ interfaces by
soft x-ray polarization-controlled resonant angle-resolved photoemission

Claudia Cancellieri, Mathilde L. Reinle-Schmitt, Masaki Kobayashi, Vladimir N. Strocov, Denis Fontaine, Philippe Ghosez, Alessio Filippetti, Pietro Delugas, Vincenzo Fiorentini, Philip R. Willmott

1307.6972 (An-min Zhang et al.)

Electron-phonon coupling in cuprate and iron-based superconductors
revealed by Raman scattering

An-min Zhang, Qing-ming Zhang

1307.6990 (Heon-Jung Kim et al.)

Dirac vs. Weyl in topological insulators: Adler-Bell-Jackiw anomaly in
transport phenomena

Heon-Jung Kim, Ki-Seok Kim, J. F. Wang, M. Sasaki, N. Satoh, A. Ohnishi, M. Kitaura, M. Yang, L. Li

1307.7032 (Louis-Paul Henry et al.)

Order-by-disorder and quantum Coulomb phase in quantum square ice    [PDF]

Louis-Paul Henry, Tommaso Roscilde

1307.7040 (Mariano de Souza et al.)

Charge-Ordering Transition in (TMTTF)$_2$X Explored via Dilatometry    [PDF]

Mariano de Souza, Jean-Paul Pouget

1307.7065 (N. A. García-Martínez et al.)

Coupling of the A_{1g} As-phonon to magnetism in iron pnictides    [PDF]

N. A. García-Martínez, B. Valenzuela, S. Ciuchi, E. Cappelluti, M. J. Calderón, E. Bascones

1307.7114 (A. C. Shockley et al.)

NMR investigation of the Knight shift anomaly in CeIrIn5 at high
magnetic fields

A. C. Shockley, N. apRoberts-Warren, D. M. Nisson, P. L. Kuhns, A. P. Reyes, S. Yuan, N. J. Curro