Friday, April 26, 2013

1304.6752 (H. Hodovanets et al.)

Anisotropic transport and magnetic properties, and magnetic-field tuned
states of CeZn11 single crystals

H. Hodovanets, S. L. Bud'ko, X. Lin, V. Taufour, M. G. Kim, D. K. Pratt, A. Kreyssig, P. C. Canfield

1304.6768 (D. M. Nisson et al.)

Nuclear magnetic resonance as a probe of electronic states of Bi2Se3    [PDF]

D. M. Nisson, A. P. Dioguardi, P. Klavins, C. H. Lin, K. R. Shirer, A. C. Shockley, J. Crocker, N. J. Curro

1304.6828 (Edmond Orignac et al.)

Kondo screening by the surface modes of a strong topological insulator    [PDF]

Edmond Orignac, Sébastien Burdin

1304.6837 (Tomonori Harada et al.)

Properties of Odd-Frequency Superconductivity in Antiferromagnetic
Ordered State

Tomonori Harada, Yuki Fuseya, Kazumasa Miyake

1304.6877 (S. Capponi et al.)

Quantum phase transitions in multileg spin ladders with ring exchange    [PDF]

S. Capponi, P. Lecheminant, M. Moliner

1304.6890 (Zi Cai et al.)

Algebraic and exponential decoherence in dissipative many-particle

Zi Cai, Thomas Barthel

1304.6900 (A. Caviezel et al.)

Identification of coherent lattice modulations coupled to charge and
orbital order in a manganite

A. Caviezel, S. O. Mariager, S. L. Johnson, E. Möhr-Vorobeva, S. W. Huang, G. Ingold, U. Staub, C. J. Milne, S. -W. Cheong, P. Beaud

1304.6919 (S. Weiss et al.)

Iterative path integral summation for nonequilibrium quantum transport    [PDF]

S. Weiss, R. Hützen, D. Becker, J. Eckel, R. Egger, M. Thorwart

1304.6967 (Olaf Smits et al.)

Tunnelling current through fractional quantum Hall interferometers    [PDF]

Olaf Smits, Steven H. Simon, J. K. Slingerland