Thursday, October 4, 2012

1210.0785 (Arash Joushaghani et al.)

Low-voltage broadband hybrid plasmonic-vanadium dioxide switches    [PDF]

Arash Joushaghani, Brett A. Kruger, Suzanne Paradis, David Alain, J. Stewart Aitchison, Joyce K. S. Poon

1210.0907 (Tarun Grover et al.)

Quantum Phase Transition between Integer Quantum Hall States of Bosons    [PDF]

Tarun Grover, Ashvin Vishwanath

1210.0909 (Yuan-Ming Lu et al.)

Quantum phase transitions between bosonic symmetry protected topological
phases in two dimensions: emergent $QED_3$ and anyon superfluid

Yuan-Ming Lu, Dung-Hai Lee

1210.0911 (A. S. Belozerov et al.)

Magnetism of Fe and Ni from rotationally invariant Hirsch-Fye quantum
Monte Carlo calculations

A. S. Belozerov, I. Leonov, V. I. Anisimov

1210.0921 (Evelyn Tang et al.)

Low-energy behavior of spin-liquid electron spectral functions    [PDF]

Evelyn Tang, Matthew P. A. Fisher, Patrick A. Lee

1210.1001 (Jaime Medina et al.)

Networks of quantum wire junctions: a system with quantized integer Hall
resistance without vanishing longitudinal resistivity

Jaime Medina, Dmitry Green, Claudio Chamon

1210.1022 (Viktor Zharkov)

The functional integral in the Hubbard model    [PDF]

Viktor Zharkov

1210.1195 (Alejandro M. Lobos et al.)

Easy-axis ferromagnetic chain on a metallic surface    [PDF]

Alejandro M. Lobos, Miguel A. Cazalilla