Thursday, January 10, 2013

1111.6470 (E. Rasanen et al.)

Large two-dimensional electronic systems: Self-consistent energies and
densities at low cost

E. Rasanen, S. Pittalis, G. Bekcioglu, I. Makkonen

1208.3740 (Lev P. Gor'kov et al.)

On the dual role of the d-electrons in iron-pnictides    [PDF]

Lev P. Gor'kov, Gregory B. Teitel'baum

1301.1690 (Abolhassan Vaezi et al.)

Topological kink states at a tilt boundary in gated multi-layer graphene    [PDF]

Abolhassan Vaezi, Yufeng Liang, Darryl H. Ngai, Li Yang, Eun-Ah Kim

1301.1726 (Massimo Rontani et al.)

Coherent exciton transport in semiconductors    [PDF]

Massimo Rontani, L. J. Sham

1301.1734 (Y. J. Yan et al.)

Power-law Temperature Dependent Hall Angle in the Normal State and its
Correlation with Superconductivity in iron-pnictides

Y. J. Yan, A. F. Wang, X. G. Luo, Z. Sun, J. J. Ying, G. J. Ye, P. Chen, J. Q. Ma, X. H. Chen

1301.1771 (Yu Liu et al.)

Weak ferromagnetism induced by the Kondo screening effect in the Kondo
lattice systems

Yu Liu, Guang-Ming Zhang, Lu Yu

1301.1788 (A. A. Sinchenko et al.)

Dynamical transport properties of NbSe$_3$ with simultaneous sliding of
both charge density waves

A. A. Sinchenko, P. Monceau

1301.1960 (Vladimir Gnezdilov et al.)

Interplay between lattice and spin states degree of freedom in the FeSe
superconductor: dynamic spin state instabilities

Vladimir Gnezdilov, Yurii G. Pashkevich, Peter Lemmens, Dirk Wulferding, Tatiana Shevtsova, Alexander Gusev, Dmitry Chareev, Alexander Vasiliev