Friday, March 29, 2013

1303.6956 (Andrew C. Potter et al.)

Edge-Ferromagnetism from Majorana Flat-Bands: Application to Split
Tunneling-Conductance Peaks in the High-Tc Cuprates

Andrew C. Potter, Patrick A. Lee

1303.6963 (Bela Bauer et al.)

Gapped and gapless spin liquid phases on the Kagome lattice from chiral
three-spin interactions

Bela Bauer, Brendan P. Keller, Michele Dolfi, Simon Trebst, Andreas W. W. Ludwig

1303.6986 (John P. Sheckelton et al.)

Possible valence-bond condensation in the frustrated cluster magnet

John P. Sheckelton, James R. Neilson, Daniel G. Soltan, Tyrel M. McQueen

1303.6987 (R. D. Johnson et al.)

X-ray imaging of cycloidal magnetic domains in ferroelectric monodomain

R. D. Johnson, P. Barone, A. Bombardi, R. J. Bean, S. Picozzi, P. G. Radaelli, Y. S. Oh, S-W. Cheong, L. C. Chapon

1303.7060 (Chung-Pin Chou)

Low-lying quasiparticle excitations in strongly-correlated
superconductors: An ansatz from BCS quasiparticle excitations?

Chung-Pin Chou

1303.7067 (Yishai Shperber et al.)

Thermally assisted current-induced magnetization reversal in SrRuO3    [PDF]

Yishai Shperber, Omer Sinwani, Netanel Naftalis, Daniel Bedau, James W. Reiner, Lior Klein

1303.7131 (E. Dobardzic et al.)

On the geometrical description of fractional Chern insulators based on
static structure factor calculations

E. Dobardzic, M. V. Milovanovic, N. Regnault

1303.7157 (K. Zhao et al.)

New Diluted Ferromagnetic Semiconductor isostructural to 122 type iron
pnictide superconductor with TC up to 180 K

K. Zhao, Z. Deng, X. C. Wang, W. Han, J. L. Zhu, X. Li, Q. Q. Liu, R. C. Yu, T. Goko, B. Frandsen, Lian Liu, Fanlong Ning, Y. J. Uemura, H. Dabkowska, G. M. Luke, H. Luetkens, E. Morenzoni, S. R. Dunsiger, A. Senyshyn, P. Böni, C. Q. Jin

1303.7161 (Eitan Eidelstein et al.)

Crossover from adiabatic to antiadiabatic phonon-assisted tunneling in
single-molecule transistors

Eitan Eidelstein, Dotan Goberman, Avraham Schiller

1303.7169 (B. Dóra et al.)

Loschmidt echo and the many-body orthogonality catastrophe in a
qubit-coupled Luttinger liquid

B. Dóra, F. Pollmann, G. Zaránd

1303.7188 (Sachin Gupta et al.)

Observation of giant reversible magnetocaloric effect in HoCoSi    [PDF]

Sachin Gupta, K. G. Suresh

1303.7204 (Marco Cristoforetti et al.)

Monte Carlo simulations on the Lefschetz thimble: taming the sign

Marco Cristoforetti, Francesco Di Renzo, Abhishek Mukherjee, Luigi Scorzato

1303.7207 (Katharina Boguslawski et al.)

Orbital entanglement in bond-formation processes    [PDF]

Katharina Boguslawski, Pawel Tecmer, Gergely Barcza, Ors Legeza, Markus Reiher

1303.7224 (Victor Alexandrov et al.)

Cubic Topological Kondo Insulators    [PDF]

Victor Alexandrov, Maxim Dzero, Piers Coleman

Thursday, March 28, 2013

1303.6655 (Romain Vasseur et al.)

Crossover physics in the non-equilibrium dynamics of quenched quantum
impurity systems

Romain Vasseur, Kien Trinh, Stephan Haas, Hubert Saleur

1303.6662 (I. T. Shyiko et al.)

Double zigzag spin chain in strong magnetic field close to saturation    [PDF]

I. T. Shyiko, I. P. McCulloch, J. V. Gumenjuk-Sichevska, A. K. Kolezhuk

1303.6715 (Yu Liu et al.)

New Superconductivity in Layered 1T-TaS2-xSex Single Crystals Fabricated
by Chemical Vapor Transport

Yu Liu, Ran Ang, Wenjian Lu, Wenhai Song, Lijun Li, Yuping Sun

1303.6716 (Sukhwinder Singh et al.)

Symmetry protected entanglement renormalization    [PDF]

Sukhwinder Singh, Guifre Vidal

1303.6813 (Hunpyo Lee et al.)

Semiclassical approximation solved by Monte Carlo as an efficient
impurity solver for dynamical mean field theory and its cluster extensions

Hunpyo Lee, Yu-Zhong Zhang, Hoonkyung Lee, Yongkyung Kwon, Harald O. Jeschke, Roser Valenti

1303.6858 (D. Banerjee et al.)

The (2+1)-d U(1) Quantum Link Model Masquerading as Deconfined

D. Banerjee, F. -J. Jiang, P. Widmer, U. -J. Wiese

1303.6865 (K. Edwards et al.)

Renormalized perturbation theory and scaling for an impurity Anderson

K. Edwards, A. C. Hewson, V. Pandis

1303.6921 (G. Sharma et al.)

Magnetism driven ferroelectricity above liquid nitrogen temperature in

G. Sharma, J. Saha, S. Patnaik

1303.6941 (J. P. Hague)

Enhancement of gaps in thin graphitic films for heterostructure

J. P. Hague

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1303.6288 (Debanjan Chowdhury et al.)

A signature of quantum spin liquids in superconductors with topological

Debanjan Chowdhury, Brian Swingle, Subir Sachdev

1303.6295 (Wei-Cheng Lee et al.)

Elementary Excitations due to Orbital Degrees of Freedom in Iron Based

Wei-Cheng Lee, Weicheng Lv, Hamood Z. Arham

1303.6297 (Miklos Lajko et al.)

Tetramerization in a SU(4)-Heisenberg model on the honeycomb lattice    [PDF]

Miklos Lajko, Karlo Penc

1303.6299 (Bo Yang)

Analytic Wavefunctions for Collective Modes in Fractional Quantum Hall

Bo Yang

1303.6334 (Richard A. Davison et al.)

Hydrodynamics of cold holographic matter    [PDF]

Richard A. Davison, Andrei Parnachev

1303.6353 (J. J. Mendoza-Arenas et al.)

Heat transport in the $XXZ$ spin chain: from ballistic to diffusive
regimes and dephasing enhancement

J. J. Mendoza-Arenas, S. Al-Assam, S. R. Clark, D. Jaksch

1303.6426 (S. -H. Baek et al.)

Structural Transitions in Doped Lanthanum Cuprate    [PDF]

S. -H. Baek, P. C. Hammel, M. Hücker, B. Büchner, U. Ammerahl, A. Revcolevschi, B. J. Suh

1303.6459 (J. A. N. Bruin et al.)

Study of the electronic nematic phase of Sr$_3$Ru$_2$O$_7$ with precise
control of the applied magnetic field vector

J. A. N. Bruin, R. A. Borzi, S. A. Grigera, A. W. Rost, R. S. Perry, A. P. Mackenzie

1303.6503 (F. Weber et al.)

Optic phonons and the soft mode in 2H-NbSe2    [PDF]

F. Weber, R. Hott, R. Heid, K. -P. Bohnen, S. Rosenkranz, J. -P. Castellan, R. Osborn, A. H. Said B. M. Leu, D. Reznik

1303.6577 (S. B. Tooski et al.)

Entanglement switching via the Kondo effect in triple quantum dots    [PDF]

S. B. Tooski, A. Ramsak, R. Zitko, B. R. Bulka

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

1302.4898 (Alberto Salvio)

Transitions in Dilaton Holography with Global or Local Symmetries    [PDF]

Alberto Salvio

1303.6233 (A. L. Kuzemsky)

Unconventional and Exotic Magnetism in Carbon-Based Structures and
Related Materials

A. L. Kuzemsky

1303.5784 (M. M. Vazifeh et al.)

Electromagnetic Response of Weyl Semimetals    [PDF]

M. M. Vazifeh, M. Franz

1303.5791 (Jagath Gunasekera et al.)

In-plane and out-of-plane correlations in Ho(1-x)YxMnO3    [PDF]

Jagath Gunasekera, Owen P. Vajk, Yuan Wang, Kevin Tarwater, Tom W. Heitmann

1303.5824 (Konrad Kapcia)

Interplay and competition between superconductivity and charge orderings
in the zero-bandwidth limit of the extended Hubbard model with pair hopping
and on-site attraction

Konrad Kapcia

1303.5831 (Oleksiy Kashuba et al.)

Transient dynamics of open quantum systems    [PDF]

Oleksiy Kashuba, Herbert Schoeller

1303.5871 (L. Dudy et al.)

Yb Valence Change in (Ce,Yb)CoIn5 from spectroscopy and bulk properties    [PDF]

L. Dudy, J. D. Denlinger, L. Shu, M. Janoschek, J. W. Allen, M. B. Maple

1303.5902 (J. Cayssol)

Various probes of Dirac matter: from graphene to topological insulators    [PDF]

J. Cayssol

1303.5922 (Zohar Nussinov et al.)

Compass and Kitaev models -- Theory and Physical Motivations    [PDF]

Zohar Nussinov, Jeroen van den Brink

1303.6016 (Shixun Zhang et al.)

A Study of Parallelizing O(N) Green-Function-Based Monte Carlo Method
for Many Fermions Coupled with Classical Degrees of Freedom

Shixun Zhang, Shinichi Yamagiwa, Seiji Yunoki

1303.6027 (Yoshinori Okada et al.)

Imaging the evolution of metallic states in a spin-orbit interaction
driven correlated iridate

Yoshinori Okada, Daniel Walkup, Hsin Lin, Chetan Dhital, Tay-Rong Chang, Sovit Khadka, Wenwen Zhou, Horng-Tay Jeng, Arun Bansil, Ziqiang Wang, Stephen Wilson, Vidya Madhavan

1303.6041 (Ryui Kaneko et al.)

Improved Multi-Variable Variational Monte Carlo Method Examined by
High-Precision Calculations of One-Dimensional Hubbard Model

Ryui Kaneko, Satoshi Morita, Masatoshi Imada

1303.6125 (Silviu S. Pufu)

Anomalous dimensions of monopole operators in three-dimensional quantum

Silviu S. Pufu

1303.6209 (Solomon Akaraka Owerre)

Spin stiffness calculation in anisotropic XY model with Ring exchange

Solomon Akaraka Owerre

1303.6245 (K. Van Houcke et al.)

Contact and Momentum Distribution of the Unitary Fermi Gas by Bold
Diagrammatic Monte Carlo

K. Van Houcke, F. Werner, E. Kozik, N. Prokof'ev, B. Svistunov

1303.6252 (Lev P. Gor'kov)

Kinetics of excitations on the Fermi arcs in underdoped cuprates at low

Lev P. Gor'kov

Monday, March 25, 2013

1212.6322 (Zhenyue Zhu et al.)

Weak plaquette valence bond order in the $S=1/2$ honeycomb $J_1-J_2$
Heisenberg model

Zhenyue Zhu, David A. Huse, Steven R. White

1303.5463 (Rudnei O. Ramos et al.)

Chiral phase transition in a planar four-Fermi model in a tilted
magnetic field

Rudnei O. Ramos, Pedro H. A. Manso

1303.5499 (Jean-Marie Stéphan)

Emptiness formation probability, Toeplitz determinants, and conformal
field theory

Jean-Marie Stéphan

1303.5551 (C. Tournier-Colletta et al.)

Electronic Instability in a Zero-Gap Semiconductor: the Charge-Density
Wave in (TaSe4)2I

C. Tournier-Colletta, L. Moreschini, G. Autès, S. Moser, A. Crepaldi, H. Berger, A. L. Walter, K. S. Kim, A. Bostwick, P. Monceau, E. Rotenberg, O. V. Yazyev, M. Grioni

1303.5587 (Roberto Bondesan et al.)

Topological and symmetry broken phases of Z_N parafermions in one

Roberto Bondesan, Thomas Quella

1303.5599 (S. K. Niesen et al.)

Magnetic phase diagrams, domain switching and a quantum phase transition
of the quasi-1D Ising-like antiferromagnet BaCo2V2O8

S. K. Niesen, G. Kolland, M. Seher, O. Breunig, M. Valldor, M. Braden, B. Grenier, T. Lorenz

1303.5640 (S. Moser et al.)

Tunable polaronic conduction in anatase TiO2    [PDF]

S. Moser, L. Moreschini, J. Jacimovic, O. S. Barisic, H. Berger, A. Magrez, Y. J. Chang, K. S. Kim, A. Bostwick, E. Rotenberg, L. Forro, M. Grioni

1303.5682 (Martin Hohenadler)

Charge and spin correlations of a Peierls insulator after a quench    [PDF]

Martin Hohenadler

Friday, March 22, 2013

1303.5352 (M. P. Warusawithana et al.)

LaAlO3 stoichiometry found key to electron liquid formation at
LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interfaces

M. P. Warusawithana, C. Richter, J. A. Mundy, P. Roy, J. Ludwig, S. Paetel, T. Heeg, A. A. Pawlicki, L. F. Kourkoutis, M. Zheng, M. Lee, B. Mulcahy, W. Zander, Y. Zhu, J. Schubert, J. N. Eckstein, D. A. Muller, C. Stephen Hellberg, J. Mannhart, D. G. Schlom

1303.5100 (Lucia Steinke et al.)

The role of hyperfine coupling in magnetic and quadrupolar ordering of

Lucia Steinke, Keisuke Mitsumoto, Corneliu F. Miclea, Franziska Weickert, Andreas Dönni, Mitsuhiro Akatsu, Yuichi Nemoto, Terutaka Goto, Hideaki Kitazawa, Peter Thalmeier, Manuel Brando

1303.5140 (Andrew Douglas et al.)

The Generalized DMPK equation revisited: A systematic derivation    [PDF]

Andrew Douglas, Peter Markos, K. A. Muttalib

1303.5173 (Masashige Matsumoto et al.)

Emergent Odd-Frequency Superconducting Order Parameter near Boundaries
in Unconventional Superconductors

Masashige Matsumoto, Mikito Koga, Hiroaki Kusunose

1303.5245 (Marcus Jenderka et al.)

Mott Variable Range Hopping and Weak Antilocalization Effect in
Heteroepitaxial Na2IrO3 Thin Films

Marcus Jenderka, José Barzola-Quiquia, Zhipeng Zhang, Heiko Frenzel, Marius Grundmann, Michael Lorenz

1303.5249 (R. F. Bishop et al.)

Valence-bond crystalline order in the $s=1/2$ $J_{1}$--$J_{2}$ model on
the honeycomb lattice

R. F. Bishop, P. H. Y. Li, C. E. Campbell

1303.5271 (Takuya Susuki et al.)

Magnetization Process and Collective Excitations in the S=1/2
Triangular-Lattice Heisenberg Antiferromagnet Ba3CoSb2O9

Takuya Susuki, Nobuyuki Kurita, Takuya Tanaka, Hiroyuki Nojiri, Akira Matsuo, Koichi Kindo, Hidekazu Tanaka

1303.5320 (Yuzheng Guo et al.)

Metal Insulator Transition of Cr doped V2O3 calculated by hybrid density

Yuzheng Guo, Stewart J. Clark, John Robertson

1303.5359 (M. P. M. Dean et al.)

Persistence of magnetic excitations in La2-xSrxCuO4 from the undoped
insulator to the heavily overdoped non-superconducting metal

M. P. M. Dean, G. Dellea, R. S. Springell, F. Yakhou-Harris, K. Kummer, N. B. Brookes, X. Liu, Y. -J. Sun, J. Strle, T. Schmitt, L. Braicovich, G. Ghiringhelli, I. Bozovic, J. P. Hill

1303.5372 (Dmitry A. Abanin et al.)

Fractional and integer quantum Hall effects in the zeroth Landau level
in graphene

Dmitry A. Abanin, Benjamin E. Feldman, Amir Yacoby, Bertrand I. Halperin

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1104.4766 (Devendra Kumar et al.)

Spin canted magnetism, decoupling of charge and spin ordering in

Devendra Kumar, K. P. Rajeev, J. A. Alonso, M. J. Martinez-Lope

1111.2772 (D. Talukdar et al.)

Scaling of NonOhmic Conduction in Strongly Correlated Systems    [PDF]

D. Talukdar, U. N. Nandi, A. Poddar, P. Mandal, K. K. Bardhan

1303.3926 (Elihu Abrahams et al.)

Strong coupling theory of heavy fermion criticality    [PDF]

Elihu Abrahams, Joerg Schmalian, Peter Woelfle

1303.3928 (S. A. Mikhailov)

Prediction of the ferroelectric ground state of graphene and other
two-dimensional crystals

S. A. Mikhailov

1303.3942 (C. Karrasch et al.)

Reducing the entanglement growth in finite-temperature DMRG transport

C. Karrasch, J. H. Bardarson, J. E. Moore

1303.3947 (M. Le Tacon et al.)

Dispersive spin excitations in highly overdoped cuprates revealed by
resonant inelastic x-ray scattering

M. Le Tacon, M. Minola, D. C. Peets, M. Moretti Sala, S. Blanco-Canosa, V. Hinkov, R. Liang, D. A. Bonn, W. N. Hardy, C. T. Lin, T. Schmitt, L. Braicovich, G. Ghiringhelli, B. Keimer

1303.3970 (Urszula D. Wdowik et al.)

Strong Effects of Cation Vacancies on the Electronic and Dynamical
Properties of FeO

Urszula D. Wdowik, Przemysław Piekarz, Krzysztof Parlinski, Andrzej M. Oleś, Józef Korecki

1303.4016 (Hung T. Dang et al.)

Designing ferromagnetism in vanadium-oxide based superlattices    [PDF]

Hung T. Dang, Andrew J. Millis

1303.4063 (S. Lebernegg et al.)

Magnetism of CuX2 frustrated chains (X = F, Cl, Br): the role of

S. Lebernegg, M. Schmitt, A. A. Tsirlin, O. Janson, H. Rosner

1303.4072 (Ming-Cui Ding et al.)

Hidden $(π,0)$ instability as an itinerant origin of bicollinear
antiferromagnetism in Fe$_{1+x}$Te

Ming-Cui Ding, Hai-Qing Lin, Yu-Zhong Zhang

1303.4074 (Benoît Fauqué et al.)

Cascade of phase transitions induced by magnetic field in graphite    [PDF]

Benoît Fauqué, David LeBoeuf, Baptiste Vignolle, Marc Nardone, Cyril Proust, Kamran Behnia

1303.4112 (Patrick Navez et al.)

Quasi-particle approach for general lattice Hamiltonians    [PDF]

Patrick Navez, Friedemann Queisser, Ralf Schützhold

1303.4135 (P. Das et al.)

Absence of a static in-plane magnetic moment in the "hidden-order" phase
of URu$_2$Si$_2$

P. Das, R. E. Baumbach, E. D. Bauer, K. Huang, M. B. Maple, Y. Zhao, J. Helton, J. W. Lynn, M. Janoschek

1303.4141 (Qimiao Si et al.)

Quantum phase transitions in heavy fermion metals and Kondo insulators    [PDF]

Qimiao Si, Silke Paschen

1303.4144 (Fan Zhang et al.)

Topological Mirror Superconductivity    [PDF]

Fan Zhang, C. L. Kane, E. J. Mele

1303.4149 (Oleg A. Tretiakov et al.)

Spin resonance in Luttinger liquid with spin-orbit interaction    [PDF]

Oleg A. Tretiakov, K. S. Tikhonov, V. L. Pokrovsky

1303.4182 (H. Okamura et al.)

Pressure suppression of spin-density-wave gap in the optical
conductivity of SrFe2As2

H. Okamura, K. Shoji, M. Miyata, H. Sugawara, T. Moriwaki, Y. Ikemoto

1303.4190 (Ching-Yu Huang et al.)

Symmetry Protected Quantum State Renormalization    [PDF]

Ching-Yu Huang, Xie Chen, Feng-Li Lin

1303.4215 (Hugo U. R. Strand)

Valence-skipping and negative-U in the d-band from repulsive local
Coulomb interaction

Hugo U. R. Strand

1303.4253 (Holger Gies et al.)

Renormalization flow towards gravitational catalysis in the 3d
Gross-Neveu model

Holger Gies, Stefan Lippoldt

1303.4285 (M. Dressel et al.)

Charge Order Breaks Magnetic Symmetry in Molecular Quantum Spin Chains    [PDF]

M. Dressel, M. Dumm, T. Knoblauch, B. Köhler, B. Salameh, S. Yasin

1303.4290 (Charlotte Gils et al.)

Anyonic quantum spin chains: Spin-1 generalizations and topological

Charlotte Gils, Eddy Ardonne, Simon Trebst, David A. Huse, Andreas W. W. Ludwig, Matthias Troyer, Zhenghan Wang

1303.4300 (S. J. Thomson et al.)

Helical glasses near ferromagnetic quantum criticality    [PDF]

S. J. Thomson, F. Krüger, A. G. Green

1303.4301 (Xie Chen et al.)

Symmetry protected topological phases from decorated domain walls    [PDF]

Xie Chen, Yuan-Ming Lu, Ashvin Vishwanath

1303.4333 (V. Gnezdilov et al.)

Raman scattering of electronic surface and bulk states in the giant
Rashba, polar semiconductor BiTeI

V. Gnezdilov, D. Wulferding, P. Lemmens, A. Möller, P. Recher, H. Berger, R. Sankar, F. C. Chou

1303.4390 (Ning Bao et al.)

Vortex Lattices and Crystalline Geometries    [PDF]

Ning Bao, Sarah Harrison, Shamit Kachru, Subir Sachdev

1303.4455 (Benjamin J. Brown et al.)

Topological Entanglement Entropy with a Twist    [PDF]

Benjamin J. Brown, Stephen D. Bartlett, Andrew C. Doherty, Sean D. Barrett

1303.4465 (Andrew Smerald et al.)

Theory of the NMR 1/T_1 relaxation rate in a quantum spin nematic    [PDF]

Andrew Smerald, Nic Shannon

1303.4491 (Masahito Mochizuki et al.)

Magnetoelectric Resonances and Predicted Microwave Diode Effect of
Skyrmion Crystal in Multiferroic Chiral-Lattice Magnet

Masahito Mochizuki, Shinichiro Seki

1303.4502 (H. J. Im et al.)

Strong Correlation Effects of A-site Ordered Perovskite CaCu3Ti4O12
revealed by Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy

H. J. Im, M. Tsunekawa, T. Sakurada, M. Iwataki, K. Kawata, T. Watanabe, K. Takegahara, H. Miyazaki, M. Matsunami, T. Hajiri, S. Kimura

1303.4541 (Franca Manghi et al.)

Rientrant metallicity in the Hubbard model: the case of honeycomb

Franca Manghi, Francesco Petocchi

1303.4552 (Veysel Celik et al.)

Electronic and optical properties of Cr and Cr-N doped anatase TiO2 from
screened Coulomb hybrid calculations

Veysel Celik, Ersen Mete

1303.4618 (Martin Eckstein et al.)

Nonequilibrium dynamical mean field simulation of inhomogeneous systems    [PDF]

Martin Eckstein, Philipp Werner

1303.4643 (Titus Neupert et al.)

How to Measure the Quantum Geometry of Bloch Bands    [PDF]

Titus Neupert, Claudio Chamon, Christopher Mudry

1303.4675 (Chao Cao et al.)

Electronic structure of relativistic Mott insulator Li$_2$RhO$_3$    [PDF]

Chao Cao, Yongkang Luo, Zhuan Xu, Jianhui Dai

Monday, March 18, 2013

1303.3613 (José A. Riera)

Spin polarization in the Hubbard model with Rashba spin-orbit coupling
on a ladder

José A. Riera

1303.3633 (Jean-Marie Stéphan et al.)

Logarithmic corrections to the free energy from sharp corners with angle

Jean-Marie Stéphan, Jérôme Dubail

1303.3649 (J. Velasco Jr. et al.)

Transport Measurement of Energy Gaps of Symmetry-Broken Landau Levels in
Bilayer Graphene

J. Velasco Jr., Y. Lee, Z. Zhao, Lei Jing, P. Kratz, Marc Bockrath, C. N. Lau

1303.3681 (Giuseppe Benfatto et al.)

Universality of one-dimensional Fermi systems, I. Response functions and
critical exponents

Giuseppe Benfatto, Pierluigi Falco, Vieri Mastropietro

1303.3684 (Giuseppe Benfatto et al.)

Universality of one-dimensional Fermi systems, II. The Luttinger liquid

Giuseppe Benfatto, Pierluigi Falco, Vieri Mastropietro

1303.3688 (Jixia Dai et al.)

Local density of states study of a spin-orbit-coupling induced Mott
insulator Sr$_2$IrO$_4$

Jixia Dai, Eduardo Calleja, Gang Cao, Kyle McElroy

1303.3731 (Dante Gatteschi et al.)

Single-Chain Magnets    [PDF]

Dante Gatteschi, Alessandro Vindigni

1303.3746 (M. S. Anwar et al.)

Anomalous transport in half-metallic ferromagnetic CrO2    [PDF]

M. S. Anwar, J. Aarts

1303.3806 (Hiroyuki Yamase et al.)

Superconductivity from orbital nematic fluctuations    [PDF]

Hiroyuki Yamase, Roland Zeyher

1303.3812 (Simone Chiesa et al.)

Phases of attractive spin-imbalanced fermions in square optical lattices    [PDF]

Simone Chiesa, Shiwei Zhang

1303.3821 (Utkarsh Mishra et al.)

Tuning interaction strength leads to ergodic-nonergodic transition of
quantum correlations in anisotropic Heisenberg spin model

Utkarsh Mishra, R. Prabhu, Aditi Sen De, Ujjwal Sen

1303.3850 (R. M. D'Ortenzio et al.)

Unconventional Magnetic Ground State in Yb$_2$Ti$_2$O$_7$    [PDF]

R. M. D'Ortenzio, H. A. Dabkowska, S. R. Dunsiger, B. D. Gaulin, M. J. P. Gingras, T. Goko, J. B. Kycia, L. Liu, T. Medina, T. J. Munsie, D. Pomaranksi, K. A. Ross, Y. J. Uemura, T. J. Williams, G. M. Luke

1303.3856 (G. Grissonnanche et al.)

Direct measurement of the upper critical field in a cuprate

G. Grissonnanche, O. Cyr-Choiniere, F. Laliberte, S. Rene de Cotret, A. Juneau-Fecteau, S. Dufour-Beausejour, M. -E. Delage, D. LeBoeuf, J. Chang, B. J. Ramshaw, D. A. Bonn, W. N. Hardy, R. Liang, S. Adachi, N. E. Hussey, B. Vignolle, C. Proust, M. Sutherland, S. Kramer, J. -H. Park, D. Graf, N. Doiron-Leyraud, Louis Taillefer

1303.3860 (C. A. Büsser et al.)

Inducing spin-correlations and entanglement in a double quantum dot
through non-equilibrium transport

C. A. Büsser, F. Heidrich-Meisner

Friday, March 15, 2013

1302.6586 (Gary T. Horowitz et al.)

General Relativity and the Cuprates    [PDF]

Gary T. Horowitz, Jorge E. Santos

1303.3275 (Sumilan Banerjee et al.)

Ferromagnetic exchange, spin-orbit coupling and spiral magnetism at the
LaAlO_3/SrTiO_3 interface

Sumilan Banerjee, Onur Erten, Mohit Randeria

1303.3281 (R. Jafari)

Geometric Phase and Fidelity of The One-Dimensional Extended Quantum
Compass Model in a Transverse Field

R. Jafari

1303.3290 (Itamar Kimchi et al.)

Kitaev-Heisenberg Models for Iridates on the Triangular, (Hyper) Kagome,
FCC and Pyrochlore Lattices

Itamar Kimchi, Ashvin Vishwanath

1303.3295 (Y. X. Zhao et al.)

The emergence of Hopf term and the marginality of Dirac model    [PDF]

Y. X. Zhao, Z. D. Wang

1303.3304 (Wade DeGottardi et al.)

Majorana Fermions in superconducting wires: effects of long-range
hopping, broken time-reversal symmetry and potential landscapes

Wade DeGottardi, Manisha Thakurathi, Smitha Vishveshwara, Diptiman Sen

1303.3322 (Z. P. Yin et al.)

Temperature dependent electronic structures and the negative thermal
expansion of δ-Pu

Z. P. Yin, Xiaoyu Deng, K. Basu, Q. Yin, G. Kotliar

1303.3343 (Shunji Tsuchiya et al.)

The Higgs mode in a superfluid of Dirac fermions    [PDF]

Shunji Tsuchiya, R. Ganesh, Tetsuro Nikuni

1303.3401 (J. A. Rodriguez et al.)

Muon diffusion and electronic magnetism in Y$_2$Ti$_2$O$_7$    [PDF]

J. A. Rodriguez, A. Yaouanc, B. Barbara, E. Pomjakushina, P. Quémerais, Z. Salman

1303.3425 (Thomas C. Lang et al.)

Z2 topological invariants in two dimensions from quantum Monte Carlo    [PDF]

Thomas C. Lang, Andrew M. Essin, Victor Gurarie, Stefan Wessel

1303.3442 (D. C. Cabra et al.)

Low energy electron-phonon effective action from symmetry analysis    [PDF]

D. C. Cabra, N. E. Grandi, G. A. Silva, M. B. Sturla

1303.3510 (Romain Fleury et al.)

Enhanced Super-Radiance in Epsilon-Near-Zero Plasmonic Channels    [PDF]

Romain Fleury, Andrea Alu

1303.3519 (Andrey V. Chubukov et al.)

Spin-current order in anisotropic triangular antiferromagnets    [PDF]

Andrey V. Chubukov, Oleg A. Starykh

1303.3526 (Haile Owusu et al.)

Functionally independent conservations laws in a quantum integrable

Haile Owusu, B. Sriram Shastry

1303.3558 (Erik Eriksson)

Spin-orbit interactions in a helical Luttinger liquid with a Kondo

Erik Eriksson

1303.3572 (Peng Ye et al.)

3-dimensional bosonic topological insulators and its exotic
electromagnetic response

Peng Ye, Xiao-Gang Wen

Thursday, March 14, 2013

1303.3006 (Silviu S. Pufu et al.)

Monopoles in 2+1-dimensional conformal field theories with global U(1)

Silviu S. Pufu, Subir Sachdev

1303.3041 (J. Maciejko et al.)

Field theory of the quantum Hall nematic transition    [PDF]

J. Maciejko, B. Hsu, S. A. Kivelson, YeJe Park, S. L. Sondhi

1303.3064 (J. Sirker et al.)

Locality and thermalization in closed quantum systems    [PDF]

J. Sirker, N. P. Konstantinidis, N. Sedlmayr

1303.3112 (A. Trokiner et al.)

Melting of the orbital order in LaMnO3 probed by NMR    [PDF]

A. Trokiner, S. Verkhovskii, A. Gerashenko, Z. Volkova, O. Anikeenok, K. Mikhalev, M. Eremin

1303.3168 (Takahiro Misawa et al.)

Charge Order in a Two-Dimensional Kondo Lattice Model    [PDF]

Takahiro Misawa, Junki Yoshitake, Yukitoshi Motome

1303.3208 (Christopher Gaul et al.)

Electron pairing in periodic potentials under an external electric field    [PDF]

Christopher Gaul, Antonio Rodríguez, Rodrigo P. A. Lima, Francisco Domínguez-Adame

1303.3228 (K. Huang et al.)

Ferromagnetic quantum critical point in UCo1-xFexGe    [PDF]

K. Huang, J. J. Hamlin, R. E. Baumbach, M. Janoschek, N. Kanchanavatee, D. A. Zocco, F. Ronning, M. B. Maple

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

1111.3375 (Emil A. Yuzbashyan et al.)

Quantum integrability in systems with finite number of levels    [PDF]

Emil A. Yuzbashyan, B. Sriram Shastry

1303.2657 (Ehsan Khatami et al.)

Electronic spectral properties of the two-dimensional infinite-U Hubbard

Ehsan Khatami, Daniel Hansen, Edward Perepelitsky, Marcos Rigol, B. Sriram Shastry

1303.2687 (Shusa Deng et al.)

Multiband s-wave topological superconductors: role of dimensionality and
magnetic field response

Shusa Deng, Gerardo Ortiz, Lorenza Viola

1303.2694 (J. Qi et al.)

Revealing multiple gaps in the electronic structure of USb2 using
femtosecond optical pulses

J. Qi, T. Durakiewicz, S. A. Trugman, J. -X. Zhu, P. S. Riseborough, R. Baumbach, E. D. Bauer, K. Gofryk, J. -Q. Meng, J. J. Joyce, A. J. Taylor, R. P. Prasankumar

1303.2695 (Bayrammurad Saparov et al.)

Crystals, magnetic and electronic properties of a new ThCr2Si2-type
BaMn2Bi2 and K-doped compositions

Bayrammurad Saparov, Athena S. Sefat

1303.2718 (D. Leuenberger et al.)

Excitation of coherent phonons in the one-dimensional Bi(114) surface    [PDF]

D. Leuenberger, H. Yanagisawa, S. Roth, J. H. Dil, J. W. Wells, P. Hofmann, J. Osterwalder, M. Hengsberger

1303.2727 (Hsiang-Hsuan Hung et al.)

Topological phase transition in a generalized Kane-Mele-Hubbard model: A
combined Quantum Monte Carlo and Green's function study

Hsiang-Hsuan Hung, Lei Wang, Zheng-Cheng Gu, Gregory A. Fiete

1303.2781 (Suguru Ueda et al.)

Proximity effects in a topological-insulator/Mott-insulator

Suguru Ueda, Norio Kawakami, Manfred Sigrist

1303.2801 (U. B. Paramanik et al.)

Valence Fluctuation in CeMo2Si2C    [PDF]

U. B. Paramanik, Anupam, U. Burkhard, R. Prasad, C. Geibel, Z. Hossain

1303.2809 (Steven H. Simon et al.)

Landau Level Mixing in the Perturbative Limit    [PDF]

Steven H. Simon, Edward H. Rezayi

1303.2818 (Li Huang et al.)

Dynamical Screening Effect on Local Two-Particle Vertex Functions    [PDF]

Li Huang, Yilin Wang

1303.2822 (Hiroki Isobe et al.)

Renormalization group analysis of multi-Dirac-node materials    [PDF]

Hiroki Isobe, Naoto Nagaosa

1303.2871 (Tetsuro Saito et al.)

Nodal gap structure in Fe-based superconductors due to the competition
between orbital and spin fluctuations

Tetsuro Saito, Seiichiro Onari, Hiroshi Kontani

1303.2884 (I. V. Solovyev et al.)

Double-exchange theory of ferroelectric polarization in orthorhombic
manganites with twofold periodic magnetic texture

I. V. Solovyev, S. A. Nikolaev

1303.2888 (Moritz Hoesch et al.)

Anharmonicity due to Electron-Phonon Coupling in Magnetite    [PDF]

Moritz Hoesch, Przemyslaw Piekarz, Alexey Bosak, Mathieu Le Tacon, Michael Krisch, Andrzej Kozlowski, Andrzej M. Oles, Krzysztof Parlinski

1303.2893 (Federico Cilento et al.)

In search for the pairing glue in cuprates by non-equilibrium optical

Federico Cilento, Stefano Dal Conte, Giacomo Coslovich, Francesco Banfi, Gabriele Ferrini, Hiroshi Eisaki, Martin Greven, Andrea Damascelli, Dirk van der Marel, Fulvio Parmigiani, Claudio Giannetti

1303.2961 (F. F. Tafti et al.)

Change of pairing symmetry in the iron-based superconductor KFe2As2    [PDF]

F. F. Tafti, A. Juneau-Fecteau, M. -E. Delage, S. Rene de Cotret, J. -Ph. Reid, A. F. Wang, X. -G. Luo, X. H. Chen, N. Doiron-Leyraud, Louis Taillefer

1303.2978 (Youichi Yamakawa et al.)

Effect of realistic finite-size impurities on Tc in Fe-based
superconductors based on the five-orbital tight-binding model

Youichi Yamakawa, Seiichiro Onari, Hiroshi Kontani

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

1303.1803 (Xiao-Gang Wen)

Classifying gauge anomalies through SPT orders and classifying anomalies
through topological orders

Xiao-Gang Wen

1303.1843 (Ching-Kai Chiu et al.)

Classification of topological insulators and superconductors in the
presence of reflection symmetry

Ching-Kai Chiu, Hong Yao, Shinsei Ryu

1303.1896 (Yu-Li Lee et al.)

Electrically tunable two-channel Kondo fixed points in helical liquids    [PDF]

Yu-Li Lee, Yu-Wen Lee

1303.1908 (Michal Vališka et al.)

Influence of symmetry on Sm magnetism studied on SmIr2Si2 polymorphs    [PDF]

Michal Vališka, Jiří Pospíšil, Jan Prokleška, Martin Diviš, Alexandra Rudajevová, Ilja Turek, Vladimír Sechovský

1303.1933 (S. Nishimoto et al.)

Interplay of inter-chain interactions and exchange anisotropy: Stability
of multipolar states in quasi-1D quantum helimagnets

S. Nishimoto, S. -L. Drechsler, R. O. Kuzian, J. Richter, Jeroen van den Brink

1303.1958 (Giacomo Corrielli et al.)

Fractional Bloch oscillations in photonic lattices    [PDF]

Giacomo Corrielli, Andrea Crespi, Giuseppe Della Valle, Stefano Longhi, Roberto Osellame

1303.1968 (Katalin Kamaras et al.)

Mott localization in the correlated superconductor Cs3C60 resulting from
the molecular Jahn-Teller effect

Katalin Kamaras, Gyongyi Klupp, Peter Matus, Alexey Y. Ganin, Alec McLennan, Matthew J. Rosseinsky, Yasuhiro Takabayashi, Martin T. McDonald, Kosmas Prassides

1303.2114 (Subir Sachdev et al.)

Charge ordering in metals with antiferromagnetic spin correlations    [PDF]

Subir Sachdev, Rolando La Placa

1303.2194 (Johannes Motruk et al.)

Topological Phases in Gapped Edges of Fractionalized Systems    [PDF]

Johannes Motruk, Ari M. Turner, Erez Berg, Frank Pollmann

1303.2213 (R. Walters et al.)

Ab initio derivation of Hubbard models for cold atoms in optical

R. Walters, G. Cotugno, T. H. Johnson, S. R. Clark, D. Jaksch

1303.2214 (Ansgar Liebsch et al.)

Coulomb correlations in the honeycomb lattice: role of translation

Ansgar Liebsch, Wei Wu

1303.2224 (Manuel Brando et al.)

Magnetization study of the energy scales in YbRh$_{2}$Si$_{2}$ under
chemical pressure

Manuel Brando, Luis Pedrero, Tanja Westerkamp, Cornelius Krellner, Philipp Gegenwart, Christoph Geibel, Frank Steglich

1303.2287 (Kazuki Hasebe et al.)

Topological Many-Body States in Quantum Antiferromagnets via Fuzzy

Kazuki Hasebe, Keisuke Totsuka

1303.2300 (Manisha Thakurathi et al.)

Floquet generation of Majorana end modes and topological invariants    [PDF]

Manisha Thakurathi, Aavishkar A. Patel, Diptiman Sen, Amit Dutta

1303.2320 (A. B. Harris et al.)

Spin Dynamics of Trimers on a Distorted Kagomé Lattice    [PDF]

A. B. Harris, T. Yildirim

1303.2345 (A. V. Turbiner et al.)

Two charges on a plane in a magnetic field: hidden algebra, (particular)
integrability, polynomial eigenfunctions

A. V. Turbiner, M. A. Escobar-Ruiz

1303.2361 (Akash V. Maharaj et al.)

Particle-hole condensates of higher angular momentum in hexagonal

Akash V. Maharaj, Ronny Thomale, S. Raghu

1303.2408 (Luis Seabra et al.)

Exotic Ising dynamics in a Bose-Hubbard model    [PDF]

Luis Seabra, Frank Pollmann

1303.2431 (Huan He et al.)

Study Highly Frustrated Spin Systems with mixed PEPS in infinite
honeycomb lattice

Huan He, Zhen Wang, Chuanfeng Li, YongJian Han, Guangcan Guo

1303.2460 (Snir Seri et al.)

Thermally activated recovery of electrical conductivity in LaAlO3/SrTiO3    [PDF]

Snir Seri, Moty Schultz, Lior Klein

1303.2492 (Gergely Barcza et al.)

Excited states in poly-diacetylene chains: A
Density-matrix-renormalization-group study

Gergely Barcza, William Barford, Florian Gebhard, Örs Legeza

1303.2496 (F. Wilhelm et al.)

X-ray magnetic circular dichroism experiments and theory of transuranium
Laves phase compounds

F. Wilhelm, R. Eloirdi, J. Rusz, R. Springell, E. Colineau, J. -C. Griveau, P. M. Oppeneer, R. Caciuffo, A. Rogalev, G. H. Lander

1303.2518 (Pedro Ribeiro et al.)

Local quantum criticality out of equilibrium - effective temperatures
and scaling in the steady state regime

Pedro Ribeiro, Qimiao Si, Stefan Kirchner

1303.2600 (Yasaman Bahri et al.)

Detecting Majorana fermions in quasi-1D topological phases using
non-local order parameters

Yasaman Bahri, Ashvin Vishwanath

1303.2624 (Jiangping Hu et al.)

Mechanism for Odd Parity Superconductivity in Iron-Based Superconductors    [PDF]

Jiangping Hu, Ningning Hao, Xianxin Wu

Monday, March 11, 2013

1303.1974 (Alireza Akbari et al.)

Rashba spin-orbit coupling effects in quasiparticle interference of
non-centrosymmetric superconductors

Alireza Akbari, Peter Thalmeier

1303.1984 (S. Dash et al.)

Cation diffusion and hybridization effects at the Mn-GaSe(0001)
interface probed by soft X-ray electron spectroscopies

S. Dash, G. Drera, E. Magnano, F. Bondino, P. Galinetto, M. C. Mozzati, G. Salvinelli, V. Aguekian, L. Sangaletti

1303.1992 (B. Gorshunov et al.)

Boson peak in overdoped manganites La_{1-x}Ca_{x}MnO_{3}    [PDF]

B. Gorshunov, E. Zhukova, V. I. Torgashev, L. S. Kadyrov, L. Motovilova, F. Fischgrabe, V. Moshnyaga T. Zhang, R. Kremer, U. Pracht, S. Zapf, M. Dressel

1303.2004 (D. Rost et al.)

Quasi continuous-time impurity solver for the dynamical mean-field
theory with linear scaling in the inverse temperature

D. Rost, F. Assaad, N. Blümer

1303.2020 (S. Janecek et al.)

Two-dimensional Bloch electrons in perpendicular magnetic fields: an
exact calculation of the Hofstadter butterfly spectrum

S. Janecek, M. Aichinger, E. R. Hernandez

1303.2038 (Victor Pardo et al.)

Strain effects to optimize the thermoelectric properties of hole-doped
La$_2$NiO$_{4+δ}$ via ab initio calculations

Victor Pardo, Antia S. Botana, Daniel Baldomir

1303.2050 (P. Hansmann et al.)

Mott-Hubbard transition in V2O3 revisited    [PDF]

P. Hansmann, A. Toschi, G. Sangiovanni, T. Saha-Dasgupta, S. Lupi, M. Marsi, K. Held

1303.2051 (K. Held et al.)

Physics behind the minimum of relative entropy measures for correlations    [PDF]

K. Held, N. Mauser

1303.2099 (N. Parragh et al.)

Effective crystal field and Fermi surface topology: a comparison of d-
and dp-orbital models

N. Parragh, G. Sangiovanni, P. Hansmann, S. Hummel, K. Held, A. Toschi

1303.2105 (Kateryna Foyevtsova et al.)

Ab initio analysis of the tight-binding parameters and magnetic
interactions in Na2IrO3

Kateryna Foyevtsova, Harald O. Jeschke, I. I. Mazin, D. I. Khomskii, Roser Valenti

Friday, March 8, 2013

1303.1546 (M. O. J. Heikkinen et al.)

Finite temperature stability and dimensional crossover of exotic
superfluidity in lattices

M. O. J. Heikkinen, D. -H. Kim, P. Törmä

1303.1586 (Yuting Hu et al.)

Emergent Exclusion Statistics of Fibonacci Anyons in 2D Topological

Yuting Hu, Spencer D. Stirling, Yong-Shi Wu

1303.1587 (R. Mahajan et al.)

Quantum critical metals in $d=3+1$    [PDF]

R. Mahajan, D. M. Ramirez, S. Kachru, S. Raghu

1303.1594 (Kiyomi Okamoto)

Randomness Effect on the Temperature Dependence of the Finite Field
Magnetization of a One-Dimensional Spin Gapped System

Kiyomi Okamoto

1303.1607 (Jiří Pospíšil et al.)

Complex Magnetic Phase Diagram of a Geometrically Frustrated Sm Lattice:
SmPd2Al3 case

Jiří Pospíšil, Gwilherm Nénert, Seiji Miyashita, Hideaki Kitazawa, Yuri Skourski, Martin Diviš, Jan Prokleška, Vladimír Sechovský

1303.1630 (Ryuichi Shindou et al.)

Chiral spin-wave edge modes in dipolar ferromagnetic thin films    [PDF]

Ryuichi Shindou, Jun-ichiro Ohe, Ryo Matsumoto, Shuichi Murakami, Eiji Saitoh

1303.1638 (Yo Machida et al.)

Magnetic Field Driven Electronic Singularities through Metamagnetic
Phenomena: Case of the Heavy Fermion Antiferromagnet Ce(Ru0.92Rh0.08)2Si2

Yo Machida, Koichi Izawa, Dai Aoki, Georg Knebel, Alexandre Pourret, Jacques Flouquet

1303.1641 (R. Szczesniak et al.)

The thermodynamic properties of the high-pressure superconducting state
in the hydrogen-rich compounds

R. Szczesniak, A. P. Durajski

1303.1665 (J. Bünemann et al.)

Linear-Response Dynamics from the Time-Dependent Gutzwiller

J. Bünemann, M. Capone, J. Lorenzana, G. Seibold

1303.1677 (F. Rullier-Albenque et al.)

Longitudinal magnetoresistance in Co-doped BaFe2As2 and LiFeAs single
crystals: Interplay between spin fluctuations and charge transport in

F. Rullier-Albenque, D. Colson, A. Forget

1303.1706 (Laura Chaix et al.)

THz Magneto-electric atomic rotations in the chiral compound

Laura Chaix, Sophie De Brion, Florence Levy-Bertrand, Virginie Simonet, Rafik Ballou, Benjamin Canals, Pascal Lejay, Jean-Blaise Brubach, Gaëlle Greff, Fabrice Willaert, Pascale Roy, Andres Cano

1303.1710 (F. Bruckmann et al.)

Electric charge catalysis by magnetic fields and isospin chemical

F. Bruckmann, P. V. Buividovich, T. Sulejmanpasic

1303.1774 (T. Valla)

Angle-Resolved Photoemission from Cuprates with Static Stripes    [PDF]

T. Valla

1303.1787 (Chao-Ming Jian et al.)

Crystal-symmetry preserving Wannier states for fractional chern

Chao-Ming Jian, Xiao-Liang Qi

Thursday, March 7, 2013

1302.5703 (Masahiro Nozaki et al.)

Holographic Local Quenches and Entanglement Density    [PDF]

Masahiro Nozaki, Tokiro Numasawa, Tadashi Takayanagi

1303.1194 (V. G. Bar'yakhtar et al.)

Dynamics and relaxation in spin nematics    [PDF]

V. G. Bar'yakhtar, V. I. Butrim, A. K. Kolezhuk, B. A. Ivanov

1303.1235 (Yongkang Luo et al.)

Li$_2$RhO$_3$: A spin-glassy relativistic Mott insulator    [PDF]

Yongkang Luo, Chao Cao, Bingqi Si, Yuke Li, Jinke Bao, Hanjie Guo, Xiaojun Yang, Chenyi Shen, Chunmu Feng, Jianhui Dai, Guanghan Cao, Zhu-an Xu

1303.1255 (Yasufumi Araki et al.)

Phase structure of 2-dimensional topological insulators by lattice
strong coupling expansion

Yasufumi Araki, Taro Kimura

1303.1281 (P. Novak et al.)

Crystal field in rare earth aluminates    [PDF]

P. Novak, K. Knizek, J. Kunes

1303.1310 (Harald O. Jeschke et al.)

First-principles determination of Heisenberg Hamiltonian parameters for
the spin-1/2 kagome antiferromagnet ZnCu3(OH)6Cl2

Harald O. Jeschke, Francesc Salvat-Pujol, Roser Valenti

1303.1317 (Kazumasa Hattori)

Continuous-time Quantum Monte Carlo Approach for Impurity Anderson
Models with Phonon-assisted Hybridizations

Kazumasa Hattori

1303.1438 (Riccardo Comin et al.)

ARPES: A probe of electronic correlations    [PDF]

Riccardo Comin, Andrea Damascelli

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

1303.0851 (F. J. Burnell et al.)

Phase transitions in three-dimensional topological lattice models with
surface anyons

F. J. Burnell, C. W. von Keyserlingk, S. H. Simon

1303.0883 (V. I. Iglovikov et al.)

Disorder Line and Incommensurate Floating Phases in the Quantum Ising
Model on an Anisotropic Triangular Lattice

V. I. Iglovikov, R. T. Scalettar, J. Oitmaa, R. R. P. Singh

1303.0893 (Qiang Zhang et al.)

Magnetoelastic coupling and charge correlation lengths in a twin domain
of Ba(Fe$_{1-x}$Co$_{x}$)$_{2}$As$_{2}$ ($x=0.047$): A high-resolution X-ray
diffraction study

Qiang Zhang, Wenjie Wang, Jong-Woo Kim, Benjamin Hansen, Ni Ni, Sergey L. Bud'ko, Paul C. Canfield, Robert J. McQueeney, David Vaknin

1303.0911 (Igor Kuzmenko et al.)

Renormalization Group Approach to Anderson Impurity in the Bulk of
Topological Insulators

Igor Kuzmenko, Yshai Avishai, Tai Kai Ng

1303.0956 (Jixia Dai et al.)

Microscopic evidences for strong periodic lattice distortion in 2D
charge-density wave systems

Jixia Dai, Eduardo Calleja, Jacob Alldredge, Xiangde Zhu, Lijun Li, Wenjian Lu, Yuping Sun, Thomas Wolf, Helmuth Berger, Kyle McElroy

1303.1101 (Kipton Barros et al.)

Efficient Large-Scale Simulation of Kondo Lattice Models    [PDF]

Kipton Barros, Yasuyuki Kato

1303.1106 (J. -Q. Yan et al.)

Flux growth and physical properties of Mo3Sb7 single crystals    [PDF]

J. -Q. Yan, M. A. McGuire, A. F. May, H. Cao, A. D. Christianson, D. G. Mandrus, B. C. Sales

1303.1110 (Stefan Depenbrock et al.)

Phase diagram of the isotropic spin-3/2 model on the z=3 Bethe lattice    [PDF]

Stefan Depenbrock, Frank Pollmann

1303.1149 (F. J. Rueckert et al.)

Suppression of Magnetic Phase Separation in Epitaxial SrCoOx Films    [PDF]

F. J. Rueckert, Y. F. Nie, C. Abughayada, S. A. Sabok-Sayr, H. Mohottala, J. I. Budnick, W. A. Hines, B. Dabrowski, B. O. Wells

1303.1154 (Tyler Dodds et al.)

Quantum spin liquids in the absence of spin-rotation symmetry:
application to Herbertsmithite

Tyler Dodds, Subhro Bhattacharjee, Yong Baek Kim

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

1011.4478 (Himadri Barman et al.)

Transport and Spectra in the Half-filled Hubbard Model: A Dynamical Mean
Field Study

Himadri Barman, N. S. Vidhyadhiraja

1303.0012 (Yoshitomo Kamiya et al.)

Magnetic vortex crystals in frustrated Mott insulator    [PDF]

Yoshitomo Kamiya, Cristian D. Batista

1303.0130 (Brecht Verstichel et al.)

Extensive v2DM study of the one-dimensional Hubbard model for large
lattice sizes: Exploiting translational invariance and parity

Brecht Verstichel, Helen van Aggelen, Ward Poelmans, Sebastian Wouters, Dimitri Van Neck

1303.0244 (Jeehoon Kim et al.)

Observation of electronic inhomogeneity and charge density wave in a
bilayer La$_{1.36}$Sr$_{1.64}$Mn$_2$O$_7$ single crystal

Jeehoon Kim, Junwei Huang, J. -S. Zhou, J. B. Goodenough, J. F. Mitchell, Alex de Lozanne

1303.0246 (T. Schäfer et al.)

Divergent Precursors of the Mott-Hubbard Transition at the Two-Particle

T. Schäfer, G. Rohringer, O. Gunnarsson, S. Ciuchi, G. Sangiovanni, A. Toschi

1303.0288 (Akihisa Koga)

Quantum Monte Carlo study of nonequilibrium transport through a quantum
dot coupled to normal and superconducting leads

Akihisa Koga

1303.0305 (Adrian E. Feiguin et al.)

An exact real-space renormalization method and applications    [PDF]

Adrian E. Feiguin, Rolando D. Somma, Cristian D. Batista

1303.0429 (Marcin Szyniszewski)

Simulating graphene impurities using the worm algorithm    [PDF]

Marcin Szyniszewski

1303.0465 (T. Ying et al.)

Phase Stability in the Two dimensional Anisotropic Boson Hubbard

T. Ying, G. G. Batrouni, V. G. Rousseau, M. Jarrell, J. Moreno, X. D. Sun, R. T. Scalettar

1303.0579 (Raik Suttner et al.)

Renormalization group analysis of competing quantum phases in the J1-J2
Heisenberg model on the kagome lattice

Raik Suttner, Christian Platt, Johannes Reuther, Ronny Thomale

1303.0616 (Yingjin Ma et al.)

Assessing the efficiency of various natural orbitals as the basis of
large active space density matrix renormalization group calculations

Yingjin Ma, Haibo Ma

1303.0619 (K. Yu. Povarov et al.)

Switching of anisotropy and phase diagram of a Heisenberg square lattice
S=1/2 antiferromagnet Cu(pz)2(ClO4)2

K. Yu. Povarov, A. I. Smirnov, C. P. Landee

1303.0649 (Elias Lahoud et al.)

Emergent Novel Metallic State in a Disordered 2D Mott Insulator    [PDF]

Elias Lahoud, O. Nganba Meetei, K. B. Chaska, A Kanigel, Nandini Trivedi

1303.0664 (Gareth S. Parkinson et al.)

CO Induced Adatom Sintering in a Model Catalyst: Pd/Fe3O4    [PDF]

Gareth S. Parkinson, Zbynek Novotny, Giacomo Argentero, Michael Schmid, Jiří Pavelec, Rukan Kosak, Peter Blaha, Ulrike Diebold

1303.0698 (Zhuojin Xie et al.)

Direct Observation and Manipulation of Spin-Orbital Texture in a
Topological Insulator

Zhuojin Xie, Shaolong He, Chaoyu Chen, Ya Feng, Hemian Yi, Aiji Liang, Lin Zhao, Daixiang Mou, Junfeng He, Yingying Peng, Xu Liu, Yan Liu, Guodong Liu, Xiaoli Dong, Jun Zhang, Xiaoyang Wang, Qinjun Peng, Zhimin Wang, Shenjin Zhang, Feng Yang, Chuangtian Chen, Zuyan Xu, X. J. Zhou

1303.0703 (Songbo Jin et al.)

Thermal valence-bond-solid transition of quantum spins in two dimensions    [PDF]

Songbo Jin, Anders W. Sandvik

1303.0709 (J. Reul et al.)

Temperature-dependent optical conductivity of layered LaSrFeO_4    [PDF]

J. Reul, L. Fels, N. Qureshi, K. Shportko, M. Braden, M. Grüninger

1303.0740 (R. I. Shekhter et al.)

Nanoelectromechanics of shuttle devices    [PDF]

R. I. Shekhter, L. Y. Gorelik, I. V. Krive, M. N. Kiselev, A. V. Parafilo, M. Jonson

1303.0748 (Denis Lacroix et al.)

Quantal corrections to mean-field dynamics including pairing    [PDF]

Denis Lacroix, Danilo Gambacurta, Sakir Ayik

1303.0764 (R. Nourafkan et al.)

Electric polarization in correlated insulators    [PDF]

R. Nourafkan, G. Kotliar

1303.0772 (Maksym Serbyn et al.)

Spinon-Phonon Interaction in Algebraic Spin Liquids    [PDF]

Maksym Serbyn, Patrick A. Lee

1303.0803 (Oleg V. Yazyev)

A Guide to the Design of Electronic Properties of Graphene Nanoribbons    [PDF]

Oleg V. Yazyev

1303.0829 (Fangzhou Liu et al.)

Quantum fidelity, modular transformations, and topological orders in two

Fangzhou Liu, Zhenghan Wang, Yi-Zhuang You, Xiao-Gang Wen