Thursday, April 4, 2013

1304.0762 (Masahito Yamazaki)

Entanglement in Theory Space    [PDF]

Masahito Yamazaki

1304.0772 (Eugeniu Plamadeala et al.)

Short-Range Entangled Bosonic States with Chiral Edge Modes and
$T$-duality of Heterotic Strings

Eugeniu Plamadeala, Michael Mulligan, Chetan Nayak

1304.0780 (Hong-Chen Jiang et al.)

Accuracy of topological entanglement entropy on finite cylinders    [PDF]

Hong-Chen Jiang, Rajiv R. P. Singh, Leon Balents

1304.0783 (Dominic V. Else et al.)

The hidden symmetry-breaking picture of symmetry-protected topological

Dominic V. Else, Stephen D. Bartlett, Andrew C. Doherty

1304.0964 (Stefan Lebernegg et al.)

Two energy scales of spin dimers in clinoclase Cu3(AsO4)(OH)3    [PDF]

Stefan Lebernegg, Alexander A. Tsirlin, Oleg Janson, Helge Rosner

1304.1038 (Bohdan Lisnyi)

Asymmetric Diamond Ising--Hubbard Chain with Attraction    [PDF]

Bohdan Lisnyi