Tuesday, April 16, 2013

1101.3645 (A. Yamada et al.)

Magnetic properties and Mott transition in the square-lattice Hubbard
model with frustration

A. Yamada, K. Seki, R. Eder, Y. Ohta

1104.0156 (Ming-Feng Tian et al.)

Intermediate-pressure phases of cerium studied by an LDA + Gutzwiller

Ming-Feng Tian, Xiaoyu Deng, Zhong Fang, Xi Dai

1107.2840 (Ann B. Kallin et al.)

Anomalies in the Entanglement Properties of the Square Lattice
Heisenberg Model

Ann B. Kallin, Matthew B. Hastings, Roger G. Melko, Rajiv R. P. Singh

1304.3533 (Yongfei Jia et al.)

Interaction effect in two-dimensional Dirac equations    [PDF]

Yongfei Jia, Huaiming Guo, Ziyu Chen, Shun-Qing Shen, Shiping Feng

1304.3624 (Peter Staar et al.)

DCA$^+$: Dynamical Cluster Approximation with continuous lattice

Peter Staar, Thomas Maier, Thomas C. Schulthess

1304.3643 (Louk Rademaker et al.)

Enhancement of spin propagation due to interlayer exciton condensation    [PDF]

Louk Rademaker, Jeroen van den Brink, Hans Hilgenkamp, Jan Zaanen

1304.3649 (J. P. Carlo et al.)

Spin Gap and the Nature of the 4d3 Magnetic Ground State in the
Frustrated FCC Antiferromagnet Ba2YRuO6

J. P. Carlo, J. P. Clancy, K. Fritsch, C. A. Marjerrison, G. E. Granroth, J. E. Greedan, H. A. Dabkowska, B. D. Gaulin

1304.3660 (M. V. Ulybyshev et al.)

Monte-Carlo study of the semimetal-insulator phase transition in
monolayer graphene with realistic inter-electron interaction potential

M. V. Ulybyshev, P. V. Buividovich, M. I. Katsnelson, M. I. Polikarpov

1304.3723 (Vladimir Cvetkovic et al.)

Space group symmetry, spin-orbit coupling and the low energy effective
Hamiltonian for iron based superconductors

Vladimir Cvetkovic, Oskar Vafek

1304.3734 (Solomon A. Owerre et al.)

Macroscopic quantum spin tunnelling with two interacting spins    [PDF]

Solomon A. Owerre, M. B. Paranjape

1304.3808 (Takashi Yanagisawa)

Spin vortices, skyrmions and the Kosterlitz-Thouless transition in the
two-dimensional antiferromagnet

Takashi Yanagisawa

1304.3835 (E. Gubankova et al.)

Holographic description of strongly correlated electrons in external
magnetic fields

E. Gubankova, J. Brill, M. Cubrovic, K. Schalm, P. Schijven, J. Zaanen

1304.3909 (P. Chaddah)

Virgin curve outside the envelope in isothermal M-H: a Comment on Nayak
et al PRL 110 (2013) 127204 [arXiv:1302.5229]

P. Chaddah

1304.3925 (Isaac H. Kim)

Long-range entanglement is necessary for a topological storage of
quantum information

Isaac H. Kim

1304.3933 (Y. Yamakawa et al.)

Study of phase diagram and superconducting states in
LaFeAsO$_{1-x}$H$_x$ based on the multiorbital extended Hubbard model

Y. Yamakawa, S. Onari, H. Kontani, N. Fujiwara, S. Iimura, H. Hosono

1304.3958 (Huaiming Guo)

Hard-core bosons in one-dimensional interacting topological bands    [PDF]

Huaiming Guo

1304.4037 (Sourabh Barua et al.)

Many Topological Insulators Fail the Surface Conduction Test    [PDF]

Sourabh Barua, K. P. Rajeev

1304.4118 (S. Di Napoli et al.)

Non-Fermi liquid behavior in transport through Co doped Au chains    [PDF]

S. Di Napoli, A. Weichselbaum, P. Roura-Bas, A. A. Aligia, Y. Mokrousov, S. Blügel

1304.4136 (Oleg Derzhko et al.)

Frustrated quantum Heisenberg antiferromagnets at high magnetic fields:
Beyond the flat-band scenario

Oleg Derzhko, Johannes Richter, Olesia Krupnitska, Taras Krokhmalskii

1304.4160 (Armin Rahmani et al.)

Universal Renyi mutual information in classical systems: the case of
kagome ice

Armin Rahmani, Gia-Wei Chern

1304.4192 (R. Rodríguez-Guzmán et al.)

Multi-reference symmetry-projected variational approaches for ground and
excited states of the one-dimensional Hubbard model

R. Rodríguez-Guzmán, Carlos A. Jiménez-Hoyos, R. Schutski, Gustavo E. Scuseria

1304.4214 (Igor A. Zaliznyak et al.)

Neutron Scattering and Its Application to Strongly Correlated Systems    [PDF]

Igor A. Zaliznyak, John M. Tranquada