Friday, February 15, 2013

1302.3253 (Shuai Dong et al.)

Quantum Confinement Induced Magnetism in LaNiO$_3$-LaMnO$_3$

Shuai Dong, Elbio Dagotto

1302.3334 (Žiga Osolin et al.)

Padé approximants for improved finite-temperature spectral functions
in the numerical renormalization group

Žiga Osolin, Rok Žitko

1302.3364 (A. P. Kądzielawa et al.)

Extended Hubbard model with renormalized Wannier wave functions in the
correlated state III: Statistically consistent Gutzwiller approximation and
the metallization of atomic solid hydrogen

A. P. Kądzielawa, J. Spałek, J. Kurzyk, W. Wójcik

1302.3395 (K. Makuch et al.)

Thermodynamic properties of correlated fermions in lattices with
spin-dependent disorder

K. Makuch, J. Skolimowski, P. B. Chakraborty, K. Byczuk, D. Vollhardt

1302.3473 (Alloul Henri)

What is the simplest model which captures the basic experimental facts
of the physics of underdoped cuprates?

Alloul Henri