Thursday, November 1, 2012

1007.3421 (George Kastrinakis)

A fermionic superfluid state for many spinful species - III    [PDF]

George Kastrinakis

1210.8341 (V. Ta Phuoc et al.)

Temperature driven Vanadium clusterization and band gap enlargement in
the layered misfit compound (LaS)$_{1.196}$VS$_2$

V. Ta Phuoc, V. Brouet, B. Corraze, E. Janod, L. Cario

1210.8187 (A. Zorko et al.)

Quantum Tunneling in Half-Integer-Spin Kagome-Lattice Langasites    [PDF]

A. Zorko, F. Bert, P. Mendels, A. Poto─Źnik, A. Amato, C. Baines, K. Marty, P. Bordet, P. Lejay, E. Lhotel, V. Simonet, R. Ballou

1210.8199 (M. Arlego et al.)

Quantum phases of a frustrated four-leg spin tube    [PDF]

M. Arlego, W. Brenig, Y. Rahnavard, B. Willenberg, H. D. Rosales, G. Rossini

1210.8211 (Fusayoshi J. Ohkawa)

Adiabatic Continuation between Resonating-Valence-Bond Electron and Spin

Fusayoshi J. Ohkawa

1210.8226 (Kin Fai Mak et al.)

Observation of tightly bound trions in monolayer MoS2    [PDF]

Kin Fai Mak, Keliang He, Changgu Lee, Gwan Hyoung Lee, James Hone, Tony F. Heinz, Jie Shan

1210.8228 (J. H. Sun et al.)

Magnetic impurity in the vicinity of a vacancy in bilayer graphene    [PDF]

J. H. Sun, F. M. Hu, H. K. Tang, H. Q. Lin

1210.8349 (T. Shi et al.)

Topological Flat Bands and Fractional Quantum Hall Effects in Trapped
Ion Systems

T. Shi, J. I. Cirac

1210.8377 (Gia-Wei Chern et al.)

Engineering Degeneracy: a Critical Ground State for Artificial Spin Ice    [PDF]

Gia-Wei Chern, Muir J. Morrison, Cristiano Nisoli

1210.8382 (M. P. Allan et al.)

Formation and consequences of heavy d-electron quasiparticles in

M. P. Allan, A. Tamai, E. Rozbicki, M. H. Fischer, J. Voss, P. D. C. King, W. Meevasana, S. Thirupathaiah, E. Rienks, J. Fink, A. Tennant, R. S. Perry, J. F. Mercure, M. A. Wang, C. J. Fennie, E. -A. Kim, M. J. Lawler, K. M. Shen, A. P. Mackenzie, Z. -X. Shen, F. Baumberger

1210.8403 (Marlon Rodney et al.)

Scaling of entanglement entropy across Lifshitz transitions    [PDF]

Marlon Rodney, H. Francis Song, Sung-Sik Lee, Karyn Le Hur, Erik Sorensen

1210.8411 (N. Doiron-Leyraud et al.)

Hall and Nernst coefficients of underdoped HgBa2CuO4+d: Fermi-surface
reconstruction in an archetypal cuprate superconductor

N. Doiron-Leyraud, S. Lepault, O. Cyr-Choiniere, B. Vignolle, F. Laliberte, J. Chang, N. Barisic, M. K. Chan, L. Ji, X. Zhao, Y. Li, M. Greven, C. Proust, L. Taillefer