Thursday, September 27, 2012

1007.4244 (E. D. Mun et al.)

Thermoelectric Power of the YbT$_{2}$Zn$_{20}$ (T = Fe, Ru, Os, Ir, Rh,
and Co) Heavy Fermions

E. D. Mun, S. Jia, S. L. Bud'ko, P. C. Canfield

1209.5743 (Xiaoming Zhang et al.)

Resonating valence bond trial wavefunctions with both static and
dynamically determined Marshall sign structure

Xiaoming Zhang, K. S. D. Beach

1209.5874 (Lyudmila A. Kushch et al.)

New single-molecule magnet based on Mn12 oxocarboxylate clusters with
mixed carboxylate ligands, [Mn12O12(CN-o-C6H4CO2)12(CH3CO2)4(H2O)4]*8CH2Cl2:
synthesis, crystal and electronic structure, magnetic properties

Lyudmila A. Kushch, Valentina D. Sasnovskaya, Alexey I. Dmitriev, Eduard B. Yagubskii, Oksana V. Koplak, Leokadiya V. Zorina, Danil W. Boukhvalov

1209.5895 (Ioannis Rousochatzakis et al.)

Z_2-vortex lattice in the ground state of the triangular
Kitaev-Heisenberg model

Ioannis Rousochatzakis, Ulrich K. Rössler, Jeroen van den Brink, Maria Daghofer

1209.5935 (Ren Zhang et al.)

Topological superfluid in a quasi-two-dimensional polarized Fermi gas:
When and how the third dimension matters?

Ren Zhang, Fan Wu, Jun-Rong Tang, Guang-Can Guo, Wei Yi, Wei Zhang

1209.5968 (Peter P. Vasilev et al.)

Observation of the formation of long-range order during superradiant
emission in a high-density e-h system

Peter P. Vasilev, Ian H. White

1209.5970 (Marco Casadei et al.)

Density-functional Theory for f electron Systems: the α-γ
Phase Transition in Cerium

Marco Casadei, Xinguo Ren, Patrick Rinke, Angel Rubio, Matthias Scheffler

1209.6018 (Wei-Jie Fu)

Hubbard Model in the Two-particle Irreducible Effective Action Formalism    [PDF]

Wei-Jie Fu

1209.6024 (B. G. Ueland et al.)

Controllable chirality-induced geometrical Hall effect in a frustrated
highly-correlated metal

B. G. Ueland, C. F. Miclea, Yasuyuki Kato, O. Ayala-Valenzuela, R. D. McDonald, R. Okazaki, P. H. Tobash, M. A. Torrez, F. Ronning, R. Movshovich, Z. Fisk, E. D. Bauer, Ivar Martin, J. D. Thompson

1209.6028 (Xiao-Jia Chen et al.)

Pressure tuning of Fermi surface topology of optimally doped

Xiao-Jia Chen, Feng-Jiang Jia, Jian-Bo Zhang, Zhen-Xing Qin, Ling-Yun Tang, Qian Tao, Zhu-An Xu, Jing Liu, Viktor V. Struzhkin, Ronald E. Cohen, Ho-kwang Mao

1209.6040 (Belén Paredes)

Merging Quantum Loop Gases: a Route to Non-Abelian Topological Phases    [PDF]

Belén Paredes