Friday, April 19, 2013

1304.4938 (Flavio S. Nogueira et al.)

Deconfined Quantum Criticality and Conformal Phase Transition in
Two-Dimensional Antiferromagnets

Flavio S. Nogueira, Asle Sudbo

1304.4988 (Hiroaki Ishizuka et al.)

Thermally-induced Phases in an Ising Kondo Lattice Model on a Triangular
Lattice: Partial Disorder and Kosterlitz-Thouless State

Hiroaki Ishizuka, Yukitoshi Motome

1304.5021 (L. Li et al.)

Tuning Jeff = 1/2 Insulating State via Electron Doping and Pressure in
Double-Layered Iridate Sr3Ir2O7

L. Li, P. P. Kong, T. F. Qi, C. Q. Jin, S. J. Yuan, L. E. DeLong, P. Schlottmann, G. Cao

1304.5167 (D. N. Aristov et al.)

Chiral Y-junction of Luttinger liquid wires at strong coupling:
fermionic representation

D. N. Aristov, P. W├Âlfle

1304.5176 (Pengfei Zhu et al.)

Femtosecond Time-resolved MeV Electron Diffraction    [PDF]

Pengfei Zhu, H. Berger, J. Cao, J. Geck, Y. Hidaka, R. Kraus, S. Pjerov, Y. Shen, R. I Tobey, Y. Zhu, J. P. Hill, X. J. Wang

1304.5198 (Nikolay Prokof'ev et al.)

Spectral Analysis by the Method of Consistent Constraints    [PDF]

Nikolay Prokof'ev, Boris Svistunov

1304.5200 (M. Di Dio et al.)

Spontaneous Peierls dimerization and emergent bond order in
one-dimensional dipolar gases

M. Di Dio, L. Barbiero, A. Recati, M. Dalmonte