Monday, May 27, 2013

1305.5546 (Antonio Russo et al.)

Phases in two dimensional p_x+ip_y superconducting systems with
next-nearest-neighbor interactions

Antonio Russo, Sudip Chakravarty

1305.5553 (Kevin Slagle et al.)

Quantum Phase Transition between Z2 spin liquid and columnar Valence
Bond Crystals on a Triangular lattice

Kevin Slagle, Cenke Xu

1305.5554 (Maksym Serbyn et al.)

Local conservation laws and the structure of the many-body localized

Maksym Serbyn, Z. Papić, Dmitry A. Abanin

1305.5627 (Michi-To Suzuki et al.)

Microscopic theory of the insulating electronic ground states of
actinide dioxides AnO2 (An=U, Np, Pu, Am, and Cm)

Michi-To Suzuki, Nicola Magnani, Peter M. Oppeneer

1305.5701 (H. Sims et al.)

Effect of Local Electron-Electron Correlation in Hydrogen-like
Impurities in Ge

H. Sims, E. R. Ylvisaker, E. Şaşıoğlu, C. Friedrich, S. Blügel, W. E. Pickett

1305.5706 (T. N. Mamedov et al.)

Behaviour of a muonic atom as an acceptor centre in diamond    [PDF]

T. N. Mamedov, A. S. Baturin, K. I. Gritsaj, A. Maisuradze, V. G. Ralchenko, R. Scheuermann, K. Sedlak, A. V. Stoykov

1305.5717 (J. G. Sereni et al.)

From magnetic to Fermi Liquid behavior in CeCo{1-x}Fe{x}Si alloys    [PDF]

J. G. Sereni, M. Gómez Berisso, D. Betancourth, V. F. Correa, N. Caroca Canales, C. Geibel

1305.5771 (Yuta Murakami et al.)

Ordered phases in the Holstein-Hubbard model: Interplay of strong
Coulomb interaction and electron-phonon coupling

Yuta Murakami, Philipp Werner, Naoto Tsuji, Hideo Aoki

1305.5774 (Zsolt Gulacsi)

Exact ground states of correlated electrons on pentagon chains    [PDF]

Zsolt Gulacsi

1305.5833 (H. Aita et al.)

Heat transport through quantum Hall edge states: Tunneling versus
capacitive coupling to reservoirs

H. Aita, L. Arrachea, C. Naón, E. Fradkin

1305.5834 (Ivan D. Rodriguez et al.)

Entanglement Spectrum of Composite Fermion States in Real Space    [PDF]

Ivan D. Rodriguez, Simon C. Davenport, Steven H. Simon, J. K. Slingerland