Friday, February 1, 2013

0807.4794 (B. Dóra et al.)

Rabi Oscillations in Landau-Quantized Graphene    [PDF]

B. Dóra, K. Ziegler, P. Thalmeier, M. Nakamura

1301.7430 (Soumya Bera et al.)

Unveiling environmental entanglement in strongly dissipative qubits    [PDF]

Soumya Bera, Serge Florens, Harold Baranger, Nicolas Roch, Ahsan Nazir, Alex Chin

1301.7444 (Jinwoo Hwang et al.)

Structural origins of the properties of rare earth nickelate

Jinwoo Hwang, Junwoo Son, Jack Y. Zhang, Anderson Janotti, Chris G. Van De Walle, Susanne Stemmer

1301.7449 (Tarun Grover et al.)

A Lattice Model for Emergent Supersymmetry in D=2 Topological

Tarun Grover, D. N. Sheng, Ashvin Vishwanath

1301.7546 (G. Rohringer et al.)

One-particle irreducible functional approach - a new route to
diagrammatic extensions of DMFT

G. Rohringer, A. Toschi, H. Hafermann, K. Held, V. I. Anisimov, A. A. Katanin

1301.7549 (Zheng-Yuan Wang et al.)

Matrix-Product Ansatz for Excited States of Fractional Quantum Hall

Zheng-Yuan Wang, Masaaki Nakamura

1301.7655 (Chao Cao et al.)

Electronic structure of vacancy-ordered iron-selenide

Chao Cao, Fuchun Zhang

1301.7658 (Heron Caldas et al.)

Nesting and lifetime effects in the FFLO state of quasi-one-dimensional
imbalanced Fermi gases

Heron Caldas, Mucio A. Continentino

1301.7672 (S. R. Hassan et al.)

Absence of spin liquid in non-frustrated correlated systems    [PDF]

S. R. Hassan, David Sénéchal

1301.7675 (Xiao-Gang Wen)

Topological invariants of symmetry-protected and symmetry-enriched
topological phases of interacting bosons or fermions

Xiao-Gang Wen

1301.7681 (Eli. Y. Wilner et al.)

Multiple steady-states in nonequilibrium quantum systems with
electron-phonon interactions

Eli. Y. Wilner, Haobin Wang, Guy Cohen, Michael Thoss, Eran Rabani

1301.7683 (Elena Canovi et al.)

Transport through two interacting resonant levels connected by a Fermi

Elena Canovi, Alexander Moreno, Alejandro Muramatsu

1301.7746 (Thomas Vojta)

Phases and phase transitions in disordered quantum systems    [PDF]

Thomas Vojta