Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1306.4123 (M. Atiqur R. Patoary et al.)

Momentum Dependent Local-Ansatz with Hybrid Wavefunction from Weak to
Strong Electron Correlations

M. Atiqur R. Patoary, Yoshiro Kakehashi
The variational theory of momentum dependent local-ansatz (MLA) has been generalized by introducing a hybrid (HB) wavefunction as a starting wavefunction, whose potential can flexibly change from the Hartree-Fock type to the alloy-analogy type by varying a weighting factor from zero to one. Numerical results based on the half-filled band Hubbard model on the hypercubic lattice in infinite dimensions show up that the new wavefunction yields the ground-state energy lower than that of the Gutzwiller wavefunction (GW) in the whole Coulomb interaction regime. Calculated double occupation number is smaller than the result of the GW in the weak Coulomb interaction regime, and remains finite in the strong regime. Furthermore, the momentum distribution shows a distinct momentum dependence, which is qualitatively different from that of the GW.
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