Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1306.4216 (D. Schmidiger et al.)

Spectrum of a magnetized strong-leg quantum spin ladder    [PDF]

D. Schmidiger, P. Bouillot, T. Guidi, R. Bewley, C. Kollath, T. Giamarchi, A. Zheludev
Inelastic neutron scattering is used to measure the spin excitation spectrum of the Heisenberg $S=1/2$ ladder material (C$_7$H$_10$N)$_2$CuBr$_4$ in its entirety, both in the gapped spin-liquid and the magnetic field induced Tomonaga-Luttinger spin liquid regimes. A fundamental change of the spin dynamics is observed between these two regimes. DMRG calculations quantitatively reproduce and help understand the observed commensurate and incommensurate excitations. The results validate long-standing quantum field theoretical predictions, but also test the limits of that approach.
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