Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1306.4267 (Hiroyuki Yamase et al.)

Electronic Raman scattering from orbital nematic fluctuations    [PDF]

Hiroyuki Yamase, Roland Zeyher
We compute Raman scattering intensities via the lowest-order coupling to the bosonic propagator associated with orbital nematic fluctuations in a minimal model for iron pnictides. The model consists of two bands on a square lattice exhibiting four Fermi pockets and a transition from the normal to a nematic state. It is shown that the orbital fluctuations produce in the B1g channel strong quasi-elastic light scattering around the nematic critical temperature Tn, both above and below Tn. This holds for the A1g symmetry only below Tn whereas no low-energy scattering from orbital fluctuations is found in the B2g symmetry. Due to the nematic distortion the electron pocket at the X-point may disappear at low temperatures. Such a Lifshitz transition causes in the B2g spectrum a large upward shift of spectral weight in the high energy region whereas no effect is seen in the other symmetries.
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