Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1307.0448 (D. J. Kim et al.)

Topological surface state in the Kondo Insulator Samarium Hexaboride    [PDF]

D. J. Kim, J. Xia, Z. Fisk
Strongly correlated electron systems show many exotic properties such as unconventional superconductity, quantum criticality, and Kondo insulating behavior. In addition, the Kondo insulator SmB6 has been predicted theoretically to be a 3D topological insulator with a metallic surface state. We report here transport measurements on doped SmB6, which show that ~3% magnetic and non-magnetic dopants in SmB6 exhibit clearly contrasting behavior, evidence that the metallic surface state is only destroyed when time reversal symmetry is broken. We find as well a quantum percolation limit of impurity concentration which transform the topological insulator into a conventional band insulator by forming impurity band. Our careful thickness dependence results show that SmB6 is the first demonstatrated perfect 3D topological insulator with virtually zero residual bulk conductivity.
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