Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1307.0344 (N. Sedlmayr et al.)

The Two-Band Luttinger Liquid with Spin-Orbit Coupling: Applications to
Monatomic Chains on Surfaces

N. Sedlmayr, P. Korell, J. Sirker
Recently, monatomic chains on surfaces have been synthesized which show evidence of Luttinger liquid physics. The experimental data point to a dispersion along the chain with four Fermi points. Here we investigate a general low-energy effective Hamiltonian for such a two-band model where SU(2) spin symmetry is broken but time reversal symmetry persists, as is expected due to the surface geometry. Spin-orbit coupling gives rise to a new energy scale epsilon_{SO} much smaller than the Fermi energy epsilon_F and to spin non-conserving scattering processes. We derive the generic phase diagram at zero temperature as well as an effective phase diagram at temperatures epsilon_{SO} < T << epsilon_F. For the part of the phase diagram where a Luttinger liquid is found to be stable, the density of states and the spectral function are calculated and discussed in relation to the experimental data.
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