Friday, June 21, 2013

1306.4946 (LvZhou Ye et al.)

Thermopower of few-electron quantum dots with Kondo correlations    [PDF]

LvZhou Ye, Dong Hou, Rulin Wang, Xiao Zheng, YiJing Yan
The thermopower of few-electron quantum dots with Kondo correlations is investigated via a hierarchial equations of motion approach. The thermopower is determined by the line shape of spectral function within a narrow energy window defined by temperature. Based on calculations and analyses on single-level and two-level Anderson impurity models, the underlying relations between thermopower and various types of electron correlations are elaborated. In particular, an unconventional sign reversal behavior is predicted for quantum dots with a suitable inter-level spacing. The new feature highlights the significance of multi-level effects and their interplay with Kondo correlations. Our finding and understanding may lead to novel thermoelectric applications of quantum dots.
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