Friday, June 21, 2013

1306.4765 (Louk Rademaker et al.)

Influence of long-range interactions on charge ordering phenomena on a
square lattice

Louk Rademaker, Yohanes Pramudya, Jan Zaanen, Vladimir Dobrosavljevic
Usually complex charge ordering phenomena arise due to competing interactions. We have studied how such ordered patterns emerge from the frustration of a long-ranged interaction on a lattice. Using the lattice gas model on a square lattice with fixed particle density, we have identified several interesting phases; such as a generalization of Wigner crystals at low particle densities and stripe phases at densities in between rho = 1/3 and rho = 1/2. These stripes act as domain walls in the checkerboard phase present at half-filling. The phases are characterised at zero temperatures using numerical simulations, and mean field theory is used to construct a finite temperature phase diagram.
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