Friday, June 21, 2013

1306.4730 (G. Chen et al.)

Magnetic orders, excitations, and phase transitions in Fe_1+yTe    [PDF]

G. Chen, S. Chio, L. Radzihovsky
We study the magnetic properties of Fe_1+y Te, a parent compound of the iron-based high-temperature superconductors. Motivated by recent neutron scattering experiments, we show that a spin-1 exchange model, supplemented by a single-ion spin anisotropy, accounts well for the experimentally observed low temperature magnetic phase diagram, that exhibits a commensurate bicollinear order at low Fe dopings (y < 0.12) and an incommensurate spin-spiral order at high Fe dopings (y > 0.12). We suggest that the commensurate-incommensurate transition at y = 0.12 is due to the competition between the exchange interaction and the local spin anisotropy. At low Fe dopings, the single-ion spin anisotropy is strong and pins the spins along the easy axis, which, together with the spatially anisotropic exchanges, induces a unusual bicollinear commensurate magnetic order. The low-energy spin-wave excitation is gapped due to the explict breaking of spin-rotational symmetry by the local spin anisotropy. At high Fe dopings, the single-ion anisotropy is weak, and the exchange favors an incommensurate coplanar state. The incommensurate magnetic wavevector averages out the spin anisotropy so that a gapless low-energy spin-wave excitation is obtained. We also analyze the low-energy hydrodynamic model and use it to describe the magneto-structural transition and the static and dynamical spin structure factors across the magnetic ordering transitions.
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