Monday, June 17, 2013

1306.3472 (Y. Tokiwa et al.)

Zero-field Quantum Critical Point in CeCoIn$_5$    [PDF]

Y. Tokiwa, P. Gegenwart, E. D. Bauer
Quantum criticality in the normal and superconducting state of the heavy-fermion metal CeCoIn$_5$ is studied by measurements of the magnetic Gr\"{u}neisen ratio, $\Gamma_H$, and specific heat in different field orientations and temperatures down to 50 mK. Universal temperature over magnetic field scaling of $\Gamma_H$ in the normal state indicates a hidden quantum critical point at zero field. Within the superconducting state the quasiparticle entropy at constant temperature increases upon reducing the field towards zero, providing additional evidence for zero-field quantum criticality.
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