Monday, June 17, 2013

1306.3453 (Kalpataru Pradhan et al.)

Interfacial Magnetism in Manganite Superlattices    [PDF]

Kalpataru Pradhan, Arno P. Kampf
We use a two-orbital double-exchange model including superexchange interactions, Jahn-Teller lattice distortions, and long range Coulomb interactions to investigate the origin of magnetically disordered interfaces between ferromagnetic metallic (FM) and antiferromagnetic insulating (AFI) manganites in FM/AFI superlattices. The induced magnetic moment in the AFI layer varies non-monotonically with increasing AFI layer width as seen in the experiment. We provide a framework for understanding this non-monotonic behavior which has a one-to-one correspondence with the magnetization of the FM interface. The obtained insights provide a basis for improving the tunneling magnetoresistance in FM/AFI manganite junctions and suggest that the interface of a FM manganite joined with a non-magnetic insulating (NMI) oxide is locally antiferromagnetic.
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