Monday, June 17, 2013

1306.3223 (Chong Wang et al.)

Gapped Symmetry Preserving Surface-State for the Electron Topological

Chong Wang, Andrew C. Potter, T. Senthil
It is well known that the 3D electronic topological insulator (TI) with charge-conservation and time-reversal symmetry cannot have a trivial insulating surface that preserves symmetry. It is often implicitly assumed that if the TI surface preserves both symmetries then it must be gapless. Here we show that it is possible for the TI surface to be both gapped and symmetry-preserving, at the expense of having surface-topological order. In contrast to analogous bosonic topological insulators, this symmetric surface topological order is intrinsically non-Abelian. We show that the surface-topological order provides a complete non-perturbative definition of the electron TI that transcends a free-particle band-structure picture, and could provide a useful perspective for studying strongly correlated topological Mott insulators.
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