Wednesday, June 12, 2013

1306.2587 (C. S. Yadav et al.)

Effect of pressure cycling on Iron: Signatures of an electronic
instability and unconventional superconductivity

C. S. Yadav, G. Seyfarth, P. Pedrazzini, H. Wilhelm, R. Černý, D. Jaccard
High pressure electrical resistivity and x-ray diffraction experiments have been performed on Fe single crystals. The crystallographic investigation provides direct evidence that in the martensitic $bcc \rightarrow hcp$ transition at 14 GPa the $\lbrace 110\rbrace_{bcc}$ become the $\lbrace 002\rbrace_{hcp}$ directions. During a pressure cycle, resistivity shows a broad hysteresis of 6.5 GPa, whereas superconductivity, observed between 13 and 31 GPa, remains unaffected. Upon increasing pressure an electronic instability, probably a quantum critical point, is observed at around 19 GPa and, close to this pressure, the superconducting $T_{c}$ and the isothermal resistivity ($0View original:

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