Wednesday, June 12, 2013

1306.2352 (J. H. Pixley et al.)

Quantum criticality in the pseudo-gap Bose-Fermi Anderson and Kondo
models: Interplay between fermion- and boson-induced Kondo destruction

J. H. Pixley, Stefan Kirchner, Kevin Ingersent, Qimiao Si
We address the phenomenon of critical Kondo destruction in pseudogap Bose-Fermi Anderson and Kondo quantum impurity models. These models describe a localized level coupled both to a fermionic bath having a density of states that vanishes like |\epsilon|^r at the Fermi energy (\epsilon=0) and, via one component of the impurity spin, to a bosonic bath having a sub-Ohmic spectral density proportional to |\omega|^s. Each bath is capable by itself of suppressing the Kondo effect at a continuous quantum phase transition. We study the interplay between these two mechanisms for Kondo destruction using continuous-time quantum Monte Carlo for the pseudogap Bose-Fermi Anderson model with 0View original:

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