Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1307.2212 (G. Cao et al.)

Evolution of Magnetism in Single-Crystal Honeycomb Iridates    [PDF]

G. Cao, T. F. Qi, L. Li, J. Terzic, S. J. Yuan, M. Tovar, G. Murthy, R. K. Kaul
We report the successful synthesis of single-crystals of the layered iridate, (Na$_{1-x}$Li$_{x}$)$_2$IrO$_3$, $0\leq x \leq 0.9$, and a thorough study of its structural, magnetic, thermal and transport properties. The new compound allows a controlled interpolation between Na$_2$IrO$_3$ and Li$_2$IrO$_3$, while maintaing the novel quantum magnetism of the honeycomb Ir$^{4+}$ planes. The measured phase diagram demonstrates a dramatic suppression of the N\'eel temperature, $T_N$, at intermediate $x$ suggesting that the magnetic order in Na$_2$IrO$_3$ and Li$_2$IrO$_3$ are distinct, and that at $x\approx 0.7$, the compound is close to a magnetically disordered phase that has been sought after in Na$_2$IrO$_3$ and Li$_2$IrO$_3$. By analyzing our magnetic data with a simple theoretical model we also show that the trigonal splitting, on the Ir$^{4+}$ ions changes sign from Na$_2$IrO$_3$ and Li$_2$IrO$_3$, and the honeycomb iridates are in the strong spin-orbit coupling regime, controlled by $\jeff=1/2$ moments.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1307.2212

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