Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1307.4231 (Y. Matsumoto et al.)

Single crystal growth and physical properties of a new uranium compound

Y. Matsumoto, Y. Haga, N. Tateiwa, H. Sakai, T. D. Matsuda, E. Yamamoto, Z. Fisk
We have grown the new uranium compound URhIn$_5$ with the tetragonal HoCoGa$_5$-type by the In self flux method. In contrast to the nonmagnetic ground state of the isoelectronic analogue URhGa$_5$, URhIn$_5$ is an antiferromagnet with antiferromagnetic transition temperature $T_{\rm N}$ = 98 K. The moderately large electronic specific heat coefficient $\gamma$ = 50 mJ/K$^2$mol demonstrates the contribution of 5$f$ electrons to the conduction band. On the other hand, magnetic susceptibility in the paramagnetic state roughly follows a Curie-Weiss law with a paramagnetic effective moment corresponding to a localized uranium ion. The crossover from localized to itinerant character at low temperature may occur around the characteristic temperature 150 K where the magnetic susceptibility and electrical resistivity show a marked anomaly.
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