Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1307.4133 (S. Thomas et al.)

Weak Antilocalization and Linear Magnetoresistance in The Surface State
of SmB6

S. Thomas, D. J. Kim, S. B. Chung, T. Grant, Z. Fisk, Jing Xia
Strongly correlated Kondo insulator SmB6 is known for its peculiar low temperature residual conduction, which has recently been demonstrated to arise from a robust metallic surface state, as predicted by the theory of topological Kondo insulator (TKI). Photoemission, quantum oscillation and magnetic doping experiments have provided evidence for the Dirac-like dispersion and topological protection. Questions arise as whether signatures of spin-momentum locking and electron interaction could be resolved in transport measurements. Here we report metallic conduction of surface state down to mK temperatures with saturation behaviors suggestive of Kondo effect. We observe in the surface state the weak-antilocalization (WAL) effect that is in agreement with a spin-momentum locked metallic surface. At larger perpendicular magnetic fields, the surface state exhibits an unusual linear magnetoresistance similar to those found in Bi-based topological insulators and in graphene. (Correspondence to:
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