Friday, July 5, 2013

1307.1399 (Hideaki Maebashi et al.)

Structural Evolution of 1D Spectral Function from Low- to High-Energy

Hideaki Maebashi, Yasutami Takada
By exactly analyzing the spin-1/2 Luttinger liquid (LL) and numerically solving a model of a mobile impurity electron in the LL, we obtain the one-electron spectral function $A(p,\omega)$ in a one-dimensional (1D) metal in an entire range of $p$ at zero temperature. For $p$ near the Fermi point $p_F$, $A(p,\omega)$ is featured by two prominent peaks of spinon and (anti)holon representing spin-charge separation, but we also find an additional cusp structure between them. For $|p| >> p_F$, this structure evolves as a main peak in $A(p,\omega)$ by swallowing the antiholon mode and its dispersion relation approaches the one of a free electron, implying the existence of an electron excitation in the whole region, but not quite a quasiparticle in the Fermi liquid due to ever existing power-law decay of the excitation.
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